November 09, 2008


Moving to Utah has been some what of an adventure. Already I have been in a huge snow storm that left like 4 inches of snow in my backyard, and then had to try to shovel a little spot of it so Duke could go to the bathroom. The snow was over his head and he was terrified of it.
While I am going about my everyday life running errands or just dong whatever it is I do in my days, I have been observing different things. I been creating this list in my head of the differences that I like and dislike about living here and living in California. This is my list:
1. It is nice talking on my phone in the car without using an ear piece or putting it on speaker phone. Cali has a law against talking on your actual phone without an earpiece. This law resulted in a lot of people using their speaker phone and holding then to their mouth to talk. It was a pretty funny site.
2. I love not having to base my day on the traffic.
3. I love that the only time there is traffic in Utah is if someone got pulled over, or a car is pulled off to the side of the road and everyone slows down to look at it.
3. I love seeing LDS billboards.
4. I noticed all really nice, nice cars in Utah usually have stocked rims. (not saying that is a bad thing, just on observation) Unlike Cali where the rims come first.
5. Horrible driving in both places. One place is supper fast crazy, while the other has slow stupid drivers.
6. Seeing a million church steeples not even 1 mile apart from each other.
7. Seeing gas well under $3.00

That is my list from this past two weeks.

I am working back words now. Today being Sunday I wanted to share what we use to do on Sundays. Every Sunday Garrett, Duke and I would go down to the dog beach and hang out while Duke played around. We would get on our bikes and ride down. It was so fun. Here are some of our last pictures in Huntington.


Beach Mommy said...

oh California....those beach pictures are awesome!! I can't believe you're in the snow! It would be nice to see LDS billboards and as for the speakerphone thing, I'm guilty - I think the bluetooth pieces look worse though:) Miss you

Rachel Hagen said...

There will be a lot more fun observations about utah. One of my favorites is seeing a "love is spoken here" sign around valentine's day. or having an entire section in the grocery store dedicated to church books. it's fun though, utah is a nice place to live. aside form the snow.
we sort of liked cedar hills. the one thing that was a deal breaker for us is how far away it is from the freeway and other things. it's about at 15 min drive just to get to the freeway, and about a 10 min drive to a grocery store. that's why we're living where we are now in pg. while living in cedar hills we realized how much we liked the area, we just wanted something closer to the freeway. i think i left my number on the last post, but here it is again 836-9749.
are you looking for a job? i know someone who is in need of a nanny.

Brett and Rachel said...

Hey Kristen! It's good to catch up with you too. I'm very sorry you had to leave beautiful CA for the freezing winters of UT. At least there are a few perks that you can only find in UT. :)

Anderson Adventures said...

So jealous. My dogs would have loved going to the beach. I love your observations and I would have to say I agree with them(: My dogs also hate going to the bathroom in the snow. They look at me like" are you kidding, I'm not going out in that. Jon usually shovels a tunnel in the snow by our porch and cooper usually liked that. Anyways can't wait to hang out and catch up.

Greg♥Amelia said...
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Greg♥Amelia said...

Hey Kristen! It has been forever! I'm so glad you found me on here. Congratulations on the marriage and move to Utah. We are getting ready to move to Chicago and I'm freaking out about the cold weather! We have two dogs and I don't know how they're going to deal with all the snow. I'm glad to hear you're holding up in Utah!

Christi Pobst said...

Ok. We miss you over here! Seriously, you guys need to come back and visit as soon as possible! So Gas is down to $2.50 and thats not even arco! The weather is getting colder but its still warm during the day. The worst thing now is the No on 8 campaigners!
Anyway! We love ya! Glad you are updating your blog again!

Jenn said...

That is awesome you are back in Utah! My husband and I just might end up there again! Then we can hang out!!!!!!!!!!!! How nice would that be=). I love Utah around Christmastime. WE are currently living in Idaho Falls, while my husband looks for a new job. It is great to be by my family!

The Fast Family said...

Hey, we are good. we are moving out of Mexico but staying in the ward. I can't believe you guys are in Utah. That's Crazy. We finally found that Mexican Restuarant you guys loved. I think we are going on Thursday before Ryan's baseball game. Wish you were here to join us.