December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Brad

My oldest brother turns 30 in a couple of days. SO, my sister-in-law wanted to do something extra special for this huge occasions. She decide to through him a surprise party last weekend. My brother was born in 1978, so everything was decorated in that time period. Jaime went to DI and bought dishes, flowers, even sheets to go over the couches. It was truly awesome. We even had to dress up! Here are some of the pictures I took!!


McCall's out fit was really cute! I would almost wear that in real life!

Jaime had the sweetest outfit of all!!

Scott of course won best costume.

Stayin' Alive!


Unknown said...

What a fun party and a great idea! Any reason to get dressed like that is sure to be fun!
That is crazy that you all live in Utah!

Em said...

Krist, it was great to talk to you! I love the outfits! I'm glad you're in Utah now!

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

I Love your outfit! So sad I missed the party! You all look fabulous!