May 21, 2009


I know. I really need to update. Here it goes.

A couple of weekends ago was one of the first weekends where it was warm and it stayed warm. So we decided to BBQ. Here is what we found...

A bird had made a nest in our BBQ. The interesting part was that the lid was shut. This little birdie must have taken a week of bringing in a little twig through this little hole in the back. I kinda felt bad when we were cleaning it up but them I got over it.

On Mother's Day weekend I went home and spent some time with my mom. We had so much fun. We went shopping, stayed at a fun resort with a lazy river, and just hung out together. I don't have the resort pics but one of the nights Rachel and I got together. Look how freakin' cute her little boy is.

Don't get any ideas. Not ready yet!! :-)

Cute little Parker. He was such a happy and good baby too.


So in Utah I got a little desperate on wanting to be tan. So I went and got self tanning spray. Big mistake. This is what I looked like on my whole body. Very Spotty. My mom was making fun of me so bad!!!

I finished my first semester in my program. It was so fun. It really kept me so busy. Everything has a huge project instead of a test at the end. This is one of my projects. I had to create something without sewing it. Here is my dress made out of straws. It actually was in a fashion show and a model wore this. Crazy huh.

Another highlight was taking family pictures. I think the last time we took family pics was when Brad left on his mission. We all have changed just a little I would say.

Garrett and I went to Vegas for a weekend to hang out with family. We went to Danny Gans. He was truly amazing. He could do anything from Micheal Jackson, to Phantom of the Opera.

The Ladies of the Fuller Family. We are missing two though. We missed you Angela and Carrie.

This was funny. When we were in Vegas Garrett had fallen asleep with the dogs. So cute.

Snowboarding was a big part of our winter this year. I really love it. I don't know why I didn't get into it before. It would have made past winters so much better.

Now you are all updated on my life. This summer I am doing a little bit of school, and working. I work for a company called, Gowns By Pamela. I have learned how to alter wedding dresses. I love my job. Working with brides is really fun. I am also doing an internship with a shoe lady. I will learn how to make shoes. Pretty sweet!!! Garrett is still working with Stores Online. He is loving his job as well. He still travels but he is only gone now a week at a time. Much better!!!


Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

I can't believe the BIRD nest in your BBQ! Fun to see new posts! I love the pic of Garrett with the 2 dogs. Love ya! Lets work on that spray tan!

McCall said...

hoo-ray for the new post!!!!!! that bird next in your grill is amazing, the work that the bird put into it - just for you guys to destroy it... ha ha so sad.

your spray tan is hilarious. ha ha. you should go do the spray tan by costco - it is amazing! i will go with you if you want.

Rachel said...

Aww...Your such at natural...Can't wait for you to be a mommy! What kind of self spray tan was it? I just tried Loreal and it doesn't go on splochy! I love the straw dress! Very creative.

I'm glad we went to dinner! I can't wait to see you again!Love ya!