November 23, 2009

Oh Chicago

Last week I went out to Chicago to visit my fabulous sister. She just had Gwen about a week prior. Gwen is so adorable. She was such a good baby too. I liked it because I really just watched Jenna with this newborn. I couldn't believe that that will be me in May. I just watched her every move and observed. If I am as good as amom as Jenna, and If my baby is as good a Gwen I got it all under control. :-)
I got to play with Davis a lot. He is such a busy boy and hope my kids are as cute as he is. I had so much fun. Thanks Jenna and Dennis for letting me come out and visit. I love you and miss you.


Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

Oh we miss you already! Please come back! I really hope that in the future we will live next to each other. You are the best. Happy Thanksgiving in AZ!

Rachel said...

Gwen is adorable!!! And don't worry you will be a fabulous mom!