December 18, 2009

Schools Out For "Winter"

Yay, today I just finished my last final for school. This was a long semester. The first 3 months are like a blur because I was so sick and then the last couple months have been me trying to keep up. I did it, I'm done! Here are some of the things I have been working on...

For almost a year now I have been working at Gowns by Pamela, altering wedding dresses. This has been a great experience for me because I was able to learn how to work on an industrial machine, work on my sewing skills and meet some incredible people. I will miss all my brides and my lovely boss Lisa. :-)

Another exciting thing about this semester was I was an intern at Anthropologie. This was amazing. I mainly worked on the big holiday window display. Now I work on merchandising, visual displays, and just working close with all managers learning how the store runs and operates. In the pic. above, these are called "tie ons". Its crazy, adding this little match and sandpaper make the sale of these candles go way up. That's what I love about Anthropologie, EVERYTHING is so well thought out and done to interest the costume in buying more. Its like a big game.

More "tie Ons," these took about 5 hours to tie all these little ropes onto these candles.

Part of the holiday windows. Go to any Anthropologie and look for these big poofs. They were so fun to make. (not really) We used over 1,000 for our windows. :-)

Millinery class. A Little Pillbox hat I made.

A fun straw hat. I want to go to the Kentucky Derby to wear this one.

I don't recommend making a men's dress shirt. This shirt took me so long to construct. I am proud of it though. (Sorry he looks kinda funny with no pants on)

There was some of the work I have done this semester. I had a fun semester but I am very excited to have a break!!


David and Shalynna said...

You are soooooo talented! You are living my dream.... I've always wanted to sew well. I have heard that a mens tailored shirt is very hard to make- I am so impressed.

buckaroo bradshaw's said...

Good work Kristen! Those are awesome projects. I especially love the hats. You WILL have to wear that one to kentucky derby one day cause its all about the hat there-- marjon went this year & wore my great grandma's hat that looks a lot like yours :) I hope you're feeling well. That is crazy that you are now on the downhill slope of your pregnancy. Woo hoo! Love ya! Merry Christmas!.

Anderson Adventures said...

I am so impressed Kristen. Seriously, I am looking at these pictures in aww. How fun. I think that is the dream job of alot of girls. Again so proud of you.

Unknown said...

you are amazing! i love your work girlie. it was fun seeing you tonight, the cinnamon rolls are so so delicious!

noelle regina said...

1. first i was jealous of your sewing skills
2. but that ency was totally taken over by jealousy for your anthro gig.

Brian and Jessica McCann said...

wow kristen that is sooo cool that you did all of that stuff!! I;m so proud of you. What a fun life you have! I hope your pregnancy is going well. miss you