January 23, 2010


Once I became pregnant I thought I was very prepared for the 9 months ahead. Being the youngest I have observed many family members while being pregnant. I thought I had it all figured out. Here is what i didn't know and learning now:

1. How complete strangers feel like it is OK to touch your belly. (not a fan)
2. Every ones lovely advice they freely give. Some people say I look so much bigger than what I should be or I'm so Small for being that far along. I get so confused...
3. How uncomfortable it is to sit. Trying to sit up but realizing your ab muscles have left you.
4. Dreading putting your shoes on or off.
5. Itchy skin
6. The feeling of being full of food and pregnant.
7. Loss of circulation. I will be straightening my hair or something and my arm falls asleep so fast.
8. Loss of sleep already
9. Mental side of growing out of your clothes so fast. Buying new ones and then growing out of those.
10. how incredible it is when you feel your baby move.

I know I have a lot to learn. I do enjoy being pregnant and think it is so amazing that our bodies can really create another human being. I can't wait to meet my little guy.


David and Shalynna said...

I loved this list. Be prepared because when you become a mom you'll have to make another list of things you didn't know (like I didn't realize nursing would hurt so bad! :).

Also, the photo of you below is so adorable. You look so pretty. I always had the hardest time taking pregnancy photos while looking at the camera and smiling, but you make it look so easy and it's just perfect!

Steven & Jennifer Clegg said...

My favorite... trying to squeeze through a space that you feel like you should be able to fit through( like between a wall and someone sitting in a chair for example), trying to suck in, and realizing you can't :) Haha!

You look so great! I hope you have it easy throughout the rest of your pregnancy. I can't wait for you to meet your little man :)

Unknown said...

i'm excited to meet that little guy too!

Rachel Hagen said...

I concur with a lot of these. And love that you're only a few weeks a head of me. I wish we lived close so our little boys could play. Hope you're doing well!!!

Camille said...

Haha!! Yes, I definitely have NEVER liked it when others touched my belly!!! I love feeling the baby move, and hearing the heartbeat!!! And after the baby is born, everyone will tell you that you either have him dressed too warm, or not warm enough...or that you feed him too much, or not enough...or that he sleeps too long, or not long enough!!!! But, you are going to be a AWESOME Mom, and will know exactly how to take care of your little guy!!!

Rachel said...

I can't wait to meet your little guy too! And I LOVE your bump! You look so cute pregnant!
Shalynna is right - you'll have a hole other list once you have him!