May 24, 2010

On to week 3

I have been a little busy with my new little guy to even think about my blog. He is such a good baby. I am so lucky. He has been sleeping at night about 3 to 4 hours, and with the help of Garrett I even get about a 6 hour stretch in there. I feel great and am loving being a mom. Here are some pictures we have taken of him recently.

He fell asleep like this. Newborns are so sleepy

Coming home from the hospital.

With Nana and Gwen

With Grandma and Grandpa Fuller

Auntie Jenna

Auntie Kacee

Duke always tries to sit as close as possible to Wes

This week is going to be a little overwhelming. We are moving this coming Monday. I have been so stressed about this move. I have been trying to get my house in order but haven't really had any time or the energy to pack and organize. So i just worry about it instead. This past weekend Garrett and I did a lot. With his fabulous parents and sister with her kids coming, and having Scott and McCall here, I think we can pack up my house. I don't know what I would do if they weren't going to be here. Were staying in South Jordan so it isn't to far of a move. I'm so excited though. I have never set up a nursery for Wesley, which has been killing me inside. I can finally see all the fun stuff I got for his room all set up , and he wont be in our office in a bassinet anymore. I have been kinda obsessed with ksl while I was prego. I would always go on there look for deals on sweet pieces of furniture. I have a little collection of stuff i have gotten just sitting in my garage. i can;t wait to see it all in my house. Well, that is what has been going on around here. I will post pics of our new place as soon as I can. ;)


David and Shalynna said...

Kristen, he is just so darling! I love his little hair line. It looks like he has tons of hair, but just buzzed it or something. He also has beautiful coloring. Oh, he is just too cute!

I live in Herriman- not too far from South Jordan. We should really get together with our babies, once you are up for it that is. Enjoy these first few weeks!

Unknown said...

he is the cutest. i want to come squeeze him again asap. i love the black and white pic of you two together, it's perfect!

Unknown said...

OH he is a doll!

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

Kristen! I love that picture of him passed out on the couch! What a little stud. You are amazing to do a move with a newborn. Hang in there! I can't wait to see your new place. Love ya tons!

threegirlmom said...

I miss him. He is soooo cute. I love the picture of me and Wesley. I am so glad I got to come and stay with you guys. I loved every minute!! Have fun with mom and dad and Kim and her kids this weekend. Good luck with your move.
Love you guys

Kurt and Carli said...

He is so cute Kris! He looks just perfect! He has really nice coloring too. Can't wait to meet him! Wish we didn't live so far!

R Family said...

Hooray for more pictures! I can't see enough of him. I am dying that we are not there. Good luck this weekend with the move. That's so great that you will have so much help...Garrett's family is so wonderful.

Rachel Hagen said...

Yeah!! Congrats! You look beautiful too. I can't believe you're moving, the thought of trying to move while adjusting to a newborn and recovering makes me just tired thinking about it. Good luck. And have fun decorating that nursery!

Andrea said...

Hooray! I discovered your blog! Your baby is just adorable!