July 07, 2010

The 4th Of July

The week leading up to the 4th we had family in town. Aaron's family and mom and dad. It was so much fun. We ate a lot, spent time up in Heber at Aunt Shirley's, and played around in SLC. In Salt Lake we took everyone to temple square. The kids loved it. I haven't been in forever and they have really done some cool things with the visitor centers. We also saw the Legacy movie. Its always so humbling to watch the story of how our church was restored, and to see all the hardships Joseph and all the early saints had to endure. It makes my little world of my little worries seem so petty. After that the family stayed with us couple nights. We had so much fun. Wesley was such a trooper. He was driven, pushed, and held all over town that week. Here are some pictures of our fun week.

(Sorry the only pictures I took were of peole holding Wes. Can you tell that my world is just about Wesley?)
All the family left the Friday before the 4th. We all were pretty worn out by that time so we didn't even do anything for the 4th. We let Wesley catch up on much needed sleep and Garrett and I just did take out and watched movies all weekend long. It couldn't have been a better 4th. We did get out of the house to check out the sales on 5th. Not to bad. :)

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