September 01, 2010

Worst Mom Ever

Yesterday was a rough day with Wes. He just didn't want to nap EVER. I feel bad because I don't really know what was wrong with him. He is drooling a ton so maybe he's teething. But its kinda early. SO basically I have no idea what was wrong i just try to think of something to explain it and make me feel better. I don't know if other people do that. I guess it just makes me feel like a better mom to think of cause to explain it. Anyways. On his third nap of the day he started crying again just 10 min or so into his nap. I'm like OK, this time I m going to let him cry for 15 min and then go check on him. Well, the crying continued which had been normal but I was feeling like I should go check on him. I opened his door and he had gotten under his bumper with his bead against his rod iron crib. I felt so bad. His little head was all red from rubbing against it. So, his next nap came around and I was paranoid about him doing that again. So I would check on him like every 5 min. just to make sure. Of course he rolled his way under the bumper again. BUT this time when I went in he was smiling at me. It was almost like he knew what he was doing and just wanted out of his crib. So I didn't feel so bad taking a picture of it because he was so happy he did it again. :)

That leads me into me next update about Wes. He is a roller now. He rolls everywhere. Sometimes I put him in his crib for a nap and when I go and get him out, his head is in the opposite direction. My days of just leaving him on my ottoman are coming to a fast close.

Next, he found his toes. Its so cute. He always is playing with them .

When he sleep he always puts his hands in his mouth, and turns to his left side.

Lastly, he can grab things. He understands that if he grabs something he can put it in his mouth. He loves toys now. The funny part is when he gets over a toy he already throws it. It doesn't go to far yet but when he is done with it, he is done.

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