March 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Can I just say that I have the best husband in the whole world. Every year he goes above and beyond for my Birthday and Valentines. This year he and a buddy surprised me and his wife Kallie with a trip to Vegas. They even worked out people to watch our kids, planned dinners, shows, and even scheduled time to go shopping. So the day before he told me all nonchalant what we were doing so I started packing and off we went to Vegas.

Once we got their we had a blast. We saw Ka, which was cool but kinda weird. I always wonder what these people were on when they created shows like that. Anyways, and we saw Blue Man group which was so awesome. I think the best part was sleeping in. I couldn't get over that I could really stay in bed for as long as I wanted. It was the first time I left Wes so I was missing him like crazy.

                                    (sorry about the quality of my pictures. I only had my phone)

Thank you love, this was one of my favorite most memorable weekends in Vegas. I love you so much.