January 05, 2009

Merry Late Christmas

Well, I haven't posted my Christmas pictures yet. Unfortunately my camera was misplaced and I think someone stole it. Totally my fault!! So I got these pic. from a fabulous photographer, Jenna. Thanks Jenna for giving me all your pictures. Here is what we did on our Christmas Break...

We went to the Phoenix Zoo

We went shopping and watched Twilight again!!!

All the family was all together the day after Christmas. Round Two of presents.

Sweet Clara Rose

Just wanted to show everyone my handy work. I made this magnet board. I was so proud of myself.

Trying to make my mother-in-laws Cinnamon rolls. They turned out really yummy!

Christmas morning, Duke loved giving kisses to Davis!

Duke was a little board while we were opening presents.

Still can't make a kissy face...
Our Christmas break was filled with family, rock band and eating. Also, we went to Carli "Heap" Turley's New Years Eve party. We had so much fun seeing everyone and eating her famous crapes. After that we drove to Las Vegas and spent a few days with Garrett's parents and sister Kacee. Then to finish our vacation we went to California for a couple of days to see everyone else that we missed over the break. Now I am so over our car and driving!! It feels good to be home again but I miss all our family!!! Hope everyone had a fun Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!

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