August 09, 2010

I'm putting up this warning because there are a lot of new posts. I fell a little behind in the month of July. Now that Wes is here I have so much to blog about. enjoy....

Eric & Carlee's Wedding

Garrett's Brother got married this past Sunday. So we were home about a week and hopped on a plane to head back to California. It was Wes's first time flying. He did awesome. They got married up on Pismo Beach. It was so pretty. The drive up the coast was amazing. Congrats to Eric and Carlee. We love you guys.

My little boy is so freakin cute. I love that smile.


Unknown said...

wesley is sooo cute! and getting so big! let's hang out asap! i have so much free time i don't know what to do with!

Shalayne and Clayton said...

Love, love all of the pictures. Miss you my friend! Please come visit sometime.

McCall said...

i love the picture of garrett and wes together! what a little stud!

so i have to call you to emphasize this outloud... but CLARA LOVES HER SHOES. they are a little big, but she wears them EVERYWHERE.

and another funny thing. 80% of the time we walk in the door to our apartment - clara says "duke?"
i think our place reminds her of your old place.

sorry i never called you when we were back in ut. we weren't even there for a day before we were packed up and driving to cali.