August 09, 2010

San Diego

Well, the first part of July we had a traditional Beach House with my Mom. It was great, we moved the party down south a little to Mission Beach. We were right by the beach and the bay so we had the best of both worlds. It was our first trip with Wes, so needless to say I was very protective. Garrett was even more protective then I was. My mom brought him outside once all bundled up and Garrett IMMEDIATELY grabbed him and took him back inside and said it was to cold for him outside. :) What a cute protective husband.

When we were there we road a sweet roller coaster, rented fun beach stuff and played around in the bay, went on a boat ride, watched Sea World's fire works every night, and hung out with each other.

The Randall Family

My Boys, and yes that is a Rash Guard romper Wes is wearing.

Garrett couldn't resisit the LIMBO.

The Entire Gang

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Christi Pobst said...

My family goes to Mission Beach every year. I used to go on the roller coaster all the time. Looks like fun and Wesley is so cute!