November 22, 2010


I was down in AZ for a couple weeks this month. We had a lot of things to celebrate so we all made a trip out of it. Jenna flew from NY, McCall drove over to Cali, I flew from Utah and Jaime lives there. All the family was together, minus a couple husbands. We had so much fun being together and watching all our kids get to know each other and play. It was so fun being around so much family.

A highlight from all the pictures above was going to Schnepf Farms. We basically had the entire park to our selves. It was so fun. Also, Davis and Jackson playing with Barbies. Jenna kept correcting Davis from playing barbies to playing people. It was so funny. Also, we celebrated my moms birthday. We took her out to Cheesecake, and treated her to a massage.

Wesley loved his uncle Brad.

Of course the main event, Abbie's Baptism. She was beautiful! I can't believe she is eight. Then, the day Jenna and I left Jaime had their little girl, Penny. I was so bummed I missed it. can't wait to meet her!

(I of course didn't take a lot of pictures, so thank you Jenna and McCall. I stole most of these from you guys.)
 I met up with Carli, Stuart and Morgan for lunch one day at Rosa's. Here are all our babies. So crazy, we all have known each other since Elementary School. Now we all have little babies. I'm sad because I saw so many of my friends this trip and didn't even take a pic. Maybe next time.

 Wesley's first time swinging. I think he liked it...

 He met his Great Grandma and Grandpa Randall for the first time. Sorry not the best pic. :(
I can't forget about this little girlie. Gwen turned 1 while in AZ.


Jenna said...

oh I miss Wesley. So glad these kids have so many cousins to grow up with. It makes visits so FUN!!

R Family said...

We already miss you guys! Wesley looks so BIG in that swing.