December 15, 2010


I feel so bad that I haven't posted my Thanksgiving pictures yet. I have so much to be grateful for and feel so blessed this year.

We went down to California and spent it with Garrett's family. We also had Scott and McCall come up and spend it with us too. Garrett's mom was so happy to have more people coming to her Thanksgiving and invited them in with open arms.

I didn't take a ton a pictures but this is what I have come up with

Things That I am Grateful for:

1. I am so Thankful for family this year. I love my little family. For Garrett who always works above and beyond everyday so I can stay home with Wes. I couldn't of asked for a better husband, best friend and dad for Wesley.
2. For Wesley. I'm grateful for Wesley and for the joy that he is. Always full of smiles, and his happy personality. I can't even imagine our life without him.
3.  Grateful for my siblings. I have really learned a lot about the importance and power of sibling relationships. I love my brothers and sisters so much and couldn't have gotten through his year without them.
5. Good Friends
4. The Gospel. The huge role it plays in my life and how truly happy it makes me feel.


Unknown said...

what a great "thankful" post.

thanks for your cute christmas card!

i need to give you our new address because we moved

McCall said...

we had so much fun with you. garretts family is awesome and we were lucky to spend it with them.

Devin, April, Gavin and Drew said...

Dear Wes,
(and tell your parents we miss them)
Lots of Love,