January 20, 2011

December Update
The month of December, we did a lot of fun things, and Wes did a lot of firsts. To begin, I could spike Wesley's hair now. This is fun because now I have to do his hair in the morning. He also can sit in a shopping cart all by himself. That was huge. Now I don't have to lug around the car seat all day. Huge milestone for me. He also really discovered the TV. He will just look up at it and watch it forever. He now can pull himself up so he is standing. When Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on he will start to dance. So cute. Maybe he will busting gout the windmill sooner then we all think. :) Its pretty cute until I realise how close he is to that TV and try to get him off. Another funny time, I walked in to get Wes from a nap and found him standing. I was so scared when I opened the door. He was happy but then he started to cry because I ran out to grab my camera.
We also did a lot of Christmas activities. We went to a fun gingerbread house contest with our play group. We went to a live Nativity Scene. This was amazing! You will see form the pictures Garrett is next to a goat, and I tried to take a picture of the camels. It was the coolest thing. I have never seen a real camel before. They are gigantic. Wes saw snow for the first time. It was so cute, he always tries to grab it. Lastly, the month of December I was obsessed with making homemade oreos with candy cane. i made like hundred different batches.

Family Pictures

Here are some of our Family pictures we took back in November. I haven't posted them because I was using it for our Christmas card this year. Kimber did yet another amazing job. Thank you again. This is Wesley at 6 months old.

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