May 23, 2011

St. George Getaway

This past weekend we wanted to escape this horrible weather and go visit some of our best friends, Juan and Shealee. They moved down to St. George almost a year ago and we have seen them throughout the year but never have just spent a weekend with them. Well it was time. The boys had a blast golfing a couple a days, and the ladies had fun shopping, hanging and eating out. The weather was so perfect too. Thanks guys for having us. Of course I didn' take pictures really but I did some take some with my phone, so enjoy.

It was snowing on our way down. Umm, isn't it the middle of May???

Wes was so scared of this puppy. Every time he saw him his big lip was out and he would cry hysterically. It was so sad but kinda cute.

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Brian and Jessica McCann said...

Um you were in St. George and you didn't call!! Next time you need to CALL me!! Hope you had fun and enjoyed the weather.