May 16, 2011

Wesley's 1 year old Update

Wesley has turned 1. Wow I can't believe I have a 1 yr old. Everyone always says this but time has flown by. Its so weird to think a year ago I had him. Here is an update on Wesley:

1. He can say:   Duke, Momma, Dada, No, with finger pointed out, stop, & uh oh
2. He has taken up to 8 steps. I try to video it but miss him every time
3. He can stand all by himself
4. He can climb up and down stairs. Down has been a little tricky but he's got it now
5. He eats everything, not picky at all
6. He LOVES being in his crib more then anything. He just bounces off the bumpers and thinks he is so funny
7. Favorite show is the backyardagains
8. Despises getting his diaper changed. He will cry and scream, so hard every time. It takes 2 people to change him. he just started this a couple of weeks ago.
9. Has 2 blankets that he has to go to sleep with. Neither are the cute minky ones I bought for him but just simple cotton ones passed down to him from Davis.
10. Loves to entertain. He knows how to put on a show when people are around.
11. He is fast to adapt. He already is back to himself after taking his bottle away. It took him about 4 days.
12. He is always so busy. Even in his car seat, he is moving the canopy back and forth the entire drive.
13. Only takes naps in his crib. I think he is just to curious and doesn't want to miss anything
14. Can give kisses

We love this little guy more than anything. This year has been one of our best. The joy and the love this little guys brings to our family is so great. Everyday gets more and more fun because I see more and moreof his personality coming out. I love you Wesley.



Unknown said...

i can't believe he is one!!! he is so dang cute. and that birthday party you threw looked fabulous!! you're such a good mom :)

Camille said...

He is just adorable!!! And that was the cutest party you threw for him!!!

David and Shalynna said...

Wes is the cutest thing. I love his look and those eyes just kill me! :)

That birthday party is the cutest thing I have ever seen. How creative! The little costume Wes wore is perfect.