November 14, 2011

The Events of Last Weekend

This past weekend was a FIRST for the Fuller family. Garrett went to California with Wesley without me for our nephews baptism. I want everyone to know this was Garrett's idea. I found out I had a couple exams this next week and knew I wouldn't be prepared if I went to California. So Garrett took Wesley and gave me a weekend to myself of mostly studying and some relaxation.

This is what the boys were up too:

This is what mommy did:

I didn't just study. I Was sick of studying one day so I decided to go get my hair cut. So I chopped it all off. I also hit up the friends and family GAP sale. Thanks Emma for my lovely coupon, and even saw a movie. I was so happy last night when my boys came back though. After a day to myself all I wanted was my family to come back home the rest of the weekend. I am so grateful that i have such a wonderful little boy and a husband who loves me and supports me on this crazy going back to school venture.


Kurt and Carli said...

Love the new hair! You look stunning. Miss ya girl!

yipeng said...

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