November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween: Our Weekend

Can I just say I love Halloween. I always say I'm going to put on the best Halloween Party ever, but I never do. This year I got kinda close. here is what our Halloween was like. Halloween Night was so fun. This was Wesley's first time trick or treating. He loved doing it, and once he got his first piece of candy he would just eat that for a couple houses. We went over to Brad and Jaime's neighborhood to do it with all the cousins. They truly live in the best neighborhood ever. It was nice not having to bundle up on Halloween this year. Coming from Utah this is usually a time for first or second snow fall. So glad I'm not experiences that right now. Another fun fact, apparently my new favorite candy bar is Butterfingers. I'm pretty sure I ate 2 king sized candy bars worth. I loved them last night. Sorry these pictures are all just poor quality. Wes was not wanting anything to do with taking a picture either. So most are action shots that failed miserably. Oh well. You will get the concept of how fun our night was. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.

On Sunday we had Brad and Jaime's Family over for a Halloween Sunday Dinner. My mom and I did the dinner. Our menu: jack-o-lanter pizza, spider pizza, twice baked potatoes that were witches, a yummy salad, and Dracula's dentures for dessert.

Saturday night we hung out with friends and were going to carve pumpkins. We ate chili, cornbread and the yummiest desserts ever. We were suppose to carve pumpkins but all of us were just chatting away and didn't get around to it. It was a really fun night. Thanks Jade for your delicious chili and hosting a fabulous night. And a thanks to Rachel and my one picture I was able to come up with this college of the night. Rachel being the cute teacher that she is, brought crafts for the little boys. They made these cute pumpkins with Halloween stickers on them.


kent and liz said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend, and a happy Halloween! Wes is just darling, and I LOVED your cute dinner you and your mom put together! You are right about Utah... today was our first snow! Boo:(

Jenna said...

I'm crying right now! I wish I was there. I miss you guys and crave home all the time. All the cousins look awesome together. Give Wes a big hug from Aunt Jenna. If I lived close by I would see his face everyday. He looked great Kristen! Good thing my friends out here are starting to feel more like family. Its the only thing that gets me through holidays when D is working. :)

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