August 08, 2009


What more could I have asked for last week? The entire Fuller clan went down to Newport for our annual Newport Beach Week. It was a blast. We ate, shopped, laid out, buggy boarded, body surfed, kayaked, and so much more. Here is a little recap.

What is a reunion without matching shirts??

Cute little Brookie

Thanks Mom and Dad for the Alaska gifts!

Our first day in Newport I was so excited to get down to the beach but Garrett was still so tired from driving until 3 am the night before. So I tried to make it difficult for him to fall back asleep. :-)
Crystal Cove is turning into my favorite beach. The shake shack is good.

Carrie and I with Maycee and Berlin.

We ventured back to our old home, Huntington Beach. I miss living there. It is so pretty.

One day we went down to Dana Point. It was more of a cove so you can rent Kayaks and things. we had so much fun. The waves were a little challenging to get through.

Our last night all the adults went out. We went out to Balboa and ate at this restaurant that overlooked the ocean. It was so pretty.

I loved last week. Now we are back, Garrett already flew out for the week and its back to reality for me. Till next year.


Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

Love all these pics! Looks like so much fun! Who watched all those grandkids while you adults went out??

Anderson Adventures said...

That looks like an awesome trip. I bet it was hard going back to your old home. It always is for me. We don't have any plan to move back to Utah in the near future but I will never say never. Let me know when you come down next so we can get together.