August 01, 2009

Sad Day

Well it was a sad day for me today. Brad and Jaime and there girls are moving back down to AZ. Brad has gotten into a Law School down in Phoenix. I'm really sad to see them go. I loved being so close and seeing them and their family on weekly bases. Thanks for always helping me when I was lonely while Garrett was gone. I don't know how I could of gotten through those first couple months without you guys. I love you, and will miss you so much.

I wanted to give Jaime a break so Brad and her could get some things done. I took Abbie and Lillie to this sweet river pond/splash pad thing. It was so fun. Then we met up with Scott and McCall and swam at their pool. Fun Summer day in the sun!

"T" for Ting Tings. Anytime the girls drive in my car they always want to listen to the Ting Tings. Their favorite song is "Thats not my name."

Them dancing...

Tonight we all went to Olive Garden as one last night together. Lucy spilt soda on her shirt so Brad gave her a napkin and this is was happened. She is bigger than me.

I'll miss you guys. Can't wait to visist you at Nana's!!!


Rachel said...

This is a sad day for you...It's so neat how close you and Jamie got! But...Maybe this means you need to come down to visit AZ more ;) - You don't want your nieces forgetting you right? JK. They won't. But still, it's a good excuse to visit.

kent and liz said...

You are such a good auntie! Don't you just wish all of your family could live nearby? Maybe we should just get a clue and move home already!!!