September 30, 2007

What have we been up to?

I know, I know. I have not updated this in a very long time. So here it goes. The past two months have been so busy. We have been up to so many different things.

To begin...

1.I got a different job. I left Princess Cruises and went back to my comfort zone, the gym.

2.Garrett and I have been enjoying the perks of the gym, and have a new hobby of indoor cycling. This is so hard. It kicks our butts every week.

3.We have been going to concerts.We love going into LA and going to random concerts. We just went to the Bravery concert with his sister Carrie and her husband Thann. Another concert we went to was the After Midnight Project. They were so good. I recommend everyone to look them up on YouTube. The drummer is in our ward, and they are really good.

4. Girls night out!! Some girls in my ward went down to Universal City walk. We went to a movie and rode a mechanical bull. I really have never done that before. It was a blast!

5. The most important event happened last weekend. All the family got together and celebrated Davis' baby blessing in Arizona. It was so much fun. It is always so fun getting together even if it was a short trip. (Thank you Kimber! I took these pics off your blog!)