February 27, 2008

The Young Ambassadors

Last night all the Fuller's went and watched BYU's Young Ambassadors. They performed at the community college in Valencia. We all were blown away. This musical/dance was amazing. They did a showcase of songs from America. They started with the 60's and then progressed by decades with different songs. They sang everything from Karol King, to the temptations, Brooks and Dunn, A Disney Medley, and finished off with Broadway songs. They did a couple songs from Wicked. That was incredible. Then they ended with Tarzan. At the very end, after we clapped, they all came together and sang a primary song acapella, "When ever I here the song of a bird..." It was beautiful and brought such a sweet spirit to the Auditorium . We all loved every minute of it. If you ever have the opportunity to watch them take it. I promise you want be let down.

February 22, 2008

The Past Two Months

I can't believe how fast time goes by sometimes. Here is kind of a summery of what the Fuller's have been up to. In February I went down to AZ with a surprise ticket from Garrett. It was so much fun. I got to spend time with my Mom, Jenna & Dennis and of course baby Davis. We had so much fun. We went shopping, out to dinner, and just hung out. It was a very fun trip. Here some pic.

My birthday day was very fun. My boss Denise and I went out to sushi, and got our toes done. It was a very fun day. Valentines day was fun as well. My best Valentines ever! I manage a bakery called, Babe's Dessert Bar. Valentines is one of our busiest day. I have learned a lot working in this Bakery. I learned how to create stuffed strawberries, stuffed supcakes, and eat a lot of red velvets. Speaking of red velvets, some friends of ours John and Stacy, took out to eat at Doughboys for dinner. I was reading their menu and noticed Oprah voted Doughboys Red velvet cake, her personal favorite. So of course we all had to try it.

We have been very luck with getting sweet tickets to go to different events. Garrett's company always has people trying to bribe them to take their busy, so they give them tickets to anything. We have been to a couple of Laker games. Those are really fun. The girls their just have binoculars and find what stars were their. It was pretty sweet. We saw of course Jack Nicholson, then Freddy Price Junior (where has he been lately) And Denzel Washington. Another event we went to was a Hockey game. We went and watched the Kings play. That was probably one of the most entertaining sporting event I have ever been to. I love Hockey now.

Another exciting thing, Shalyane and Clayton came out and visited last weekend. It was so fun seeing them. We did the typical, go out to eat, eat some more, and then go look at all the stuff we shouldn't buy. We did meet Elvis though. That was pretty sweet!!
The last part of my summery is why I have now found the time to catch up on my blog. We have recently inherited a new puppy. Meaning no more sleeping in for me. My mom got one and she then decided she wanted to give it to us. Now we have a new puppy named DUKE. Garrett and I love Duke. I am determined to break the Randall curse of giving every dog away after a few weeks. We are in the process of potty training him, so if you have any methods PLEASE let me know. No, I am not baby hungry, everyone keeps asking us. I can see why having a puppy could be on a small similar scale of having a kid, but we aren't. The only difference is we can lock Duke in the bathroom for the day while we are at work!
Hope everything is going well with everyone else. Here are some pics. of Duke.

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I know that I haven't blogged much, but I couldn't let Valentines go by without saying something. I love this holiday and hope everyone had a good day. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and put the nicest comments on their blogs about me. Thank you again. Red Velvet Cupcakes have been my new favorite item this Valentine's. I have eaten so many of them. Happy Valentines Again.