April 14, 2008

Girls Trip

This past week and weekend all the girls from my side of the family came out and visited me. We had so much fun. We did everything from shopping, eating, walking everywhere, and relaxing by the beach. Another highlight Jaime brought the newest member of our Randall family, Lucy. It was much fun meeting her and getting to know her. Davis was here too and was as cute as ever. It was so much fun! Thanks for coming out and visiting me. I miss you guys and can't wait to see you soon.

April 06, 2008

General Conference

As I get older, General Conference is more of an exciting time than when I was younger. As I sat here and watched conference I began thinking of memories that came into my mind about different General Conference's over the years.

1. When I was younger, Brother Johnson's Conference Cake. (I was always so excited and determined to write down my five talks, but I never really even liked the ice cream roll we would get for doing this every year!)
2. Seminary days, you had to write down summaries of a certain amount of talks.
3. All our family being together in the Roca house. Getting in trouble by our Dad when one of us fell asleep.
4. Eating our Easter candy during the entire Sunday Session.
5. In college, how peaceful Provo is this weekend. The streets are empty, everyone is inside watching.
6. The incredible Conference Center. Being in Utah, you always come across tickets. Being their in person and feeling the spirit in that building is amazing.
7. One college year, we drove back from Vegas all night and we all were so tired during Sunday session.
8. Buttermilk syrup!!!!!
9. Afternoon walks after the first session was over.
10. Receiving these messages from our Prophet and apostles, and writing down all the things I need to do to better myself and our marriage.
11. Being together as a family.