December 18, 2009

Schools Out For "Winter"

Yay, today I just finished my last final for school. This was a long semester. The first 3 months are like a blur because I was so sick and then the last couple months have been me trying to keep up. I did it, I'm done! Here are some of the things I have been working on...

For almost a year now I have been working at Gowns by Pamela, altering wedding dresses. This has been a great experience for me because I was able to learn how to work on an industrial machine, work on my sewing skills and meet some incredible people. I will miss all my brides and my lovely boss Lisa. :-)

Another exciting thing about this semester was I was an intern at Anthropologie. This was amazing. I mainly worked on the big holiday window display. Now I work on merchandising, visual displays, and just working close with all managers learning how the store runs and operates. In the pic. above, these are called "tie ons". Its crazy, adding this little match and sandpaper make the sale of these candles go way up. That's what I love about Anthropologie, EVERYTHING is so well thought out and done to interest the costume in buying more. Its like a big game.

More "tie Ons," these took about 5 hours to tie all these little ropes onto these candles.

Part of the holiday windows. Go to any Anthropologie and look for these big poofs. They were so fun to make. (not really) We used over 1,000 for our windows. :-)

Millinery class. A Little Pillbox hat I made.

A fun straw hat. I want to go to the Kentucky Derby to wear this one.

I don't recommend making a men's dress shirt. This shirt took me so long to construct. I am proud of it though. (Sorry he looks kinda funny with no pants on)

There was some of the work I have done this semester. I had a fun semester but I am very excited to have a break!!

December 16, 2009

The Best Find

Last Saturday night I find these amazing pants. They are leggings but they look like jeans. Can we say perfect for all the long shirts I have been wearing. I found them at A Pea in the Pod. The other week I finally stopped trying to fit into my normal jeans. I just couldn't squeeze in them and my belly band just wasn't cutting it anymore. So, I started out on my quest to find a cute pair of maternity skinny jeans. Also, I didn't want to spend the money to get designer either. BTW, why are all maternity jeans flare at the bottom. As if your not big enough on top maybe you should balance that with a skinny instead of a huge flare. That was my biggest challenge. Maternity jeans are huge all the way down. I found this great brand called Lilac. I love them. My friend at school creates them and she has them all over the US. They fit great and have a decent price point. Then I found these dream legging pants. I have never been more excited about a pair of pants.

December 08, 2009

Winter Is Here

Well, last week I was just wondering when we would get snow. Now I wondering when will it stop snowing? I really love the snow when I can stay at home and enjoy it outside my window. I love it at night because everything is so bright and lit up. BUT today for example, I went down to Salt Lake for school and then over to work. I sat in traffic for over 1 1/2 hours. The snow plowers were nowhere to be seen. All the roads were the ugly gray slush and all backed up, and I saw tons of accidents all over. The best part is it is suppose to snow all day tomorrow too. Oh the joys of snow!! Happy Winter Everyone...

Here is a pic. I took while I was in the car. I thought this was the pretty side of snow.


I don't want you to get confused but this was the high today. :(

December 03, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a blast down in AZ. The weather was perfect, the food was to die for, and the company was priceless. I even made the Turkey this year. I found the recipe that we used and Jaime and I seasoned that Turkey up. Our favorite moment is when we announced to my family we are having a boy. So, every year my mom has everyone around the table at our big Thanksgiving dinner to say what they are grateful for. My niece Lillie didn't want to go first and she picked my to start. So I started it off with a bang. Everyone was so excited.

Here are the top ten things I'm thankful for this year.

1. A loving and hard working husband. He will do anything to make sure me and the baby are taken care of.
2. A wonderful huge family that I love more than anything. Even though we are all spread out, AZ, CA, NV, IL, & UT every time we are all together again its as if we have never left.
3. Wonderful friends that I can count on.
4. My health
5. The ability to learn and be able to be in school.
6. The gospel for how much joy it brings to our life.
7. A wonderful mother I hope to be like
8. The ability to have a baby.
9. Our little dog Duke.
10. Living in Utah and being around such incredible people

Our Vacation...