November 25, 2011

TGI Cyber Monday App - on The Today Show

Garrett's Cyber Monday App "TGI Cyber Monday" was featured on The Today Show this morning!!!  Here it is. I am so proud of him.  Everyone who wants to download it for free on Apple and Android devices, here are the links:

Apple Devices:

Android Devices:

TGI Cyber Monday - mentioned on The Today Show

November 19, 2011

Wesley 18 Months

This month marked a huge event, Wesley turned 18 months. YAY!! We are having so much fun together. I seriously can't get enough of him. He cracks me up all day long. I love, love this age. He is talking so much, and is just so busy all the time. It is so fun that we can actually communicate now. It feels good to have him finally respond to me. He actually understands me and will say things back too.  It mostly is in his language but he throws in a few words here and there so I get what he is saying.

Top 15 need to knows about Wesley

1. He loves "big Cars"
2. points at all airplanes and says "airplane" in the sky even if they are just a little spec in the air.
3. Loves to cuddle in the mornings with his milky, blanky, mommy and Einsteins (moms favorite thing in the world)
4. Loves to be the center of attention and when he knows he is, he is such a ham
5. Some of his favorite phrases are,  where is duke? where is dadda? Oh man. Oh no. lets eat! go outside. (and of course)  NO!
6. Surprises me everyday with new words and sounds he makes and says. I don't think I have even taught him 1/2 of the things he comes up with.
7. Loves any puzzles
8. Always keeps his tongue out
9. Loves getting his hair done
10. Thinks any group of kids is "Abbie"
11. He eats almost anything but is very picky when it comes to his hands. He has to have them clean or he gets very mad.
12.  Loves to dance
13. Copies everything anyone does or says
14. He is really into growling at things
15. He tries so hard to count things, but he only says twooo. so its twoooo, twooo, and twooo.

I just love this little guy. He had his 18 month check up and he has gained 2 lbs. Yay he weighs 22 lbs now. He has always been such a lightweight so any weight gain is something to take note on.  The best part of him being 18 months is him being able to go to nursery. I love being able to attend a church for the full 3 hours. I have really been missing it. The halls are great but I was pretty stoked when I could actually go inside and hear the messages.

We love Wesley and can't believe how fast he is growing up.

November 14, 2011

The Events of Last Weekend

This past weekend was a FIRST for the Fuller family. Garrett went to California with Wesley without me for our nephews baptism. I want everyone to know this was Garrett's idea. I found out I had a couple exams this next week and knew I wouldn't be prepared if I went to California. So Garrett took Wesley and gave me a weekend to myself of mostly studying and some relaxation.

This is what the boys were up too:

This is what mommy did:

I didn't just study. I Was sick of studying one day so I decided to go get my hair cut. So I chopped it all off. I also hit up the friends and family GAP sale. Thanks Emma for my lovely coupon, and even saw a movie. I was so happy last night when my boys came back though. After a day to myself all I wanted was my family to come back home the rest of the weekend. I am so grateful that i have such a wonderful little boy and a husband who loves me and supports me on this crazy going back to school venture.

November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween: Our Weekend

Can I just say I love Halloween. I always say I'm going to put on the best Halloween Party ever, but I never do. This year I got kinda close. here is what our Halloween was like. Halloween Night was so fun. This was Wesley's first time trick or treating. He loved doing it, and once he got his first piece of candy he would just eat that for a couple houses. We went over to Brad and Jaime's neighborhood to do it with all the cousins. They truly live in the best neighborhood ever. It was nice not having to bundle up on Halloween this year. Coming from Utah this is usually a time for first or second snow fall. So glad I'm not experiences that right now. Another fun fact, apparently my new favorite candy bar is Butterfingers. I'm pretty sure I ate 2 king sized candy bars worth. I loved them last night. Sorry these pictures are all just poor quality. Wes was not wanting anything to do with taking a picture either. So most are action shots that failed miserably. Oh well. You will get the concept of how fun our night was. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.

On Sunday we had Brad and Jaime's Family over for a Halloween Sunday Dinner. My mom and I did the dinner. Our menu: jack-o-lanter pizza, spider pizza, twice baked potatoes that were witches, a yummy salad, and Dracula's dentures for dessert.

Saturday night we hung out with friends and were going to carve pumpkins. We ate chili, cornbread and the yummiest desserts ever. We were suppose to carve pumpkins but all of us were just chatting away and didn't get around to it. It was a really fun night. Thanks Jade for your delicious chili and hosting a fabulous night. And a thanks to Rachel and my one picture I was able to come up with this college of the night. Rachel being the cute teacher that she is, brought crafts for the little boys. They made these cute pumpkins with Halloween stickers on them.