December 21, 2008


I had so much fun in Chicago. Thanks Jenna for being such a great host!!! Chicago is so fun. The only problem was it was a little COLD. The best way to describe how cold I felt in Chicago would be it was soul piercing cold. We had so much fun though. The one day that we had a lot of errands to run, was the one day where it was the worst snow storm ever. Sounds stupid of us but we had so much fun.

Snowy Day

Still Snowing...

Still Snowing

A little Shopping

Photo Shoot

Off to the Gym

Pedicures and Manicures a must

I found this so funny. Look Close to what is inside her backpack...

It is her little girl.

Yummy Food for the Snowy Day!!!

The bad part about Traveling

The night I flew home, Garrett flew home from Georgia. That night Salt Lake City had a huge snow storm. Both our flights were delayed. Salt Lake closed their airport down and we both were just circling in the air for about an hour or so until we were cleared to land. Then, my plane didn't even have a gate to unload. So I unloaded in the middle of the road and walked to a door in the freezing cold snow. Then my bags took about an hour (no exaggeration) to find. Finally I have my bags and Garrett flew in a little earlier so the car was all ready. He comes and pick me up, ummm we have a flat tire. Just a reminder it is still snowing outside. We are taking his cousins car home from the airport and he happens not to have any tools to change the tire. He has a spare though. So we pull off and call AAA. They said they will be there in an hour or so. My patience is gone and we are both starving. Then a nice polie car comes up to make sure we are ok. He says he will call a guy at the airport to help. So we call off AAA and wait for this "guy" to come. He takes longer than an hour. Anyways, after all that we start our trek home. We stop off and eat. We then head to Brad and Jaime's house to pick up Duke. As we are leaving their house we get stuck in the snow of their drive way and can't get out. A couple neighbors come out and all the guys have to push us out. That is our first night together after 3 weeks. Priceless!!!

December 17, 2008

Off to Chicago

I am in Chicago visiting Jenna and Davis. I am here all week. We are having so much fun, minus how freakin' cold it is here. I have many pictures coming of us being completely covered from head to toe outside.

December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Brad

My oldest brother turns 30 in a couple of days. SO, my sister-in-law wanted to do something extra special for this huge occasions. She decide to through him a surprise party last weekend. My brother was born in 1978, so everything was decorated in that time period. Jaime went to DI and bought dishes, flowers, even sheets to go over the couches. It was truly awesome. We even had to dress up! Here are some of the pictures I took!!


McCall's out fit was really cute! I would almost wear that in real life!

Jaime had the sweetest outfit of all!!

Scott of course won best costume.

Stayin' Alive!

December 05, 2008

I went on Shalayne's blog and realized she tagged me forever ago so here it is. I tag anyone who reads this tagging. (I think I can do that)

8 Things
8 TV shows-
1. Gossip Girl- Favorite by far!!
2. Prison Break
3. Samantha Who?
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. The Office
6. Fringe
7. The Soup- Funniest show ever. My favorite is when he makes fun of Britney Spears new video. Womanizer!!

8 Things I did Yesterday
1. Woke up at 8:00 by Abbie and Lillie- I sleep at their house a lot
2. Went To DI to find a sweet costume I needed for a party
3. Went to the Gym
4. Did all my homework for week
5. Went on a walk with Duke
6. Started doing my x-mas cards
7. ate dinner with Jaime and the girls
8. talked to Garrett on the phone before I went to sleep.

8 Favorite things to Eat
1. cheese crisps
2. clementines
3. salad with a this yummy lemon dressings
4. a big Steak with A1 sauce
5. sonic diet coke with vanilla
6. any Mexican food
7. egg nog
8. asparagus

8 Things I look Forward to
1. Garrett coming home from his many trips
2. Christmas in Mesa
3. being done with Christmas shopping
4. Eating
5. Sleeping
6. when gossip girl is on
7. some day buying a home
8. the month of January because Garrett is off

8 Things I wish for
1. I wish Garrett was home more
2. I wish I could live by the beach
3. I wish I could be done with my degree yesterday
4. I wish I could know the future
5. I wish I didn't love hair extensions
6. I wish I had a personal cook
7. I wish I could live by all my family
8. I wish it would never snow anywhere

December 02, 2008

Out of the Loop

When I went down to California for Thanksgiving I found out something new about Twilight. I think everyone else knows already but I must have missed it somehow. One of my older nieces Morgan really loves Twilight. So we were talking about the movie and she mentioned a fifth book. I had heard that it got out and Stephanie Meyer was really mad but I didn't realize she actually posted this new book on her website. It is called Midnight Sun. It is Edwards point of view from the first book. I read it all the first night I found out about it. It was just as amazing as Twilight. Actually better. It isn't finished but it is good. With Edward telling the story you get to read about what everyone is thinking. I fell in love with Edward even more because of how he thinks about Bella. I encourage all to read it.

Go to this website and you will find the book.