December 21, 2008


I had so much fun in Chicago. Thanks Jenna for being such a great host!!! Chicago is so fun. The only problem was it was a little COLD. The best way to describe how cold I felt in Chicago would be it was soul piercing cold. We had so much fun though. The one day that we had a lot of errands to run, was the one day where it was the worst snow storm ever. Sounds stupid of us but we had so much fun.

Snowy Day

Still Snowing...

Still Snowing

A little Shopping

Photo Shoot

Off to the Gym

Pedicures and Manicures a must

I found this so funny. Look Close to what is inside her backpack...

It is her little girl.

Yummy Food for the Snowy Day!!!

The bad part about Traveling

The night I flew home, Garrett flew home from Georgia. That night Salt Lake City had a huge snow storm. Both our flights were delayed. Salt Lake closed their airport down and we both were just circling in the air for about an hour or so until we were cleared to land. Then, my plane didn't even have a gate to unload. So I unloaded in the middle of the road and walked to a door in the freezing cold snow. Then my bags took about an hour (no exaggeration) to find. Finally I have my bags and Garrett flew in a little earlier so the car was all ready. He comes and pick me up, ummm we have a flat tire. Just a reminder it is still snowing outside. We are taking his cousins car home from the airport and he happens not to have any tools to change the tire. He has a spare though. So we pull off and call AAA. They said they will be there in an hour or so. My patience is gone and we are both starving. Then a nice polie car comes up to make sure we are ok. He says he will call a guy at the airport to help. So we call off AAA and wait for this "guy" to come. He takes longer than an hour. Anyways, after all that we start our trek home. We stop off and eat. We then head to Brad and Jaime's house to pick up Duke. As we are leaving their house we get stuck in the snow of their drive way and can't get out. A couple neighbors come out and all the guys have to push us out. That is our first night together after 3 weeks. Priceless!!!

December 17, 2008

Off to Chicago

I am in Chicago visiting Jenna and Davis. I am here all week. We are having so much fun, minus how freakin' cold it is here. I have many pictures coming of us being completely covered from head to toe outside.

December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Brad

My oldest brother turns 30 in a couple of days. SO, my sister-in-law wanted to do something extra special for this huge occasions. She decide to through him a surprise party last weekend. My brother was born in 1978, so everything was decorated in that time period. Jaime went to DI and bought dishes, flowers, even sheets to go over the couches. It was truly awesome. We even had to dress up! Here are some of the pictures I took!!


McCall's out fit was really cute! I would almost wear that in real life!

Jaime had the sweetest outfit of all!!

Scott of course won best costume.

Stayin' Alive!

December 05, 2008

I went on Shalayne's blog and realized she tagged me forever ago so here it is. I tag anyone who reads this tagging. (I think I can do that)

8 Things
8 TV shows-
1. Gossip Girl- Favorite by far!!
2. Prison Break
3. Samantha Who?
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. The Office
6. Fringe
7. The Soup- Funniest show ever. My favorite is when he makes fun of Britney Spears new video. Womanizer!!

8 Things I did Yesterday
1. Woke up at 8:00 by Abbie and Lillie- I sleep at their house a lot
2. Went To DI to find a sweet costume I needed for a party
3. Went to the Gym
4. Did all my homework for week
5. Went on a walk with Duke
6. Started doing my x-mas cards
7. ate dinner with Jaime and the girls
8. talked to Garrett on the phone before I went to sleep.

8 Favorite things to Eat
1. cheese crisps
2. clementines
3. salad with a this yummy lemon dressings
4. a big Steak with A1 sauce
5. sonic diet coke with vanilla
6. any Mexican food
7. egg nog
8. asparagus

8 Things I look Forward to
1. Garrett coming home from his many trips
2. Christmas in Mesa
3. being done with Christmas shopping
4. Eating
5. Sleeping
6. when gossip girl is on
7. some day buying a home
8. the month of January because Garrett is off

8 Things I wish for
1. I wish Garrett was home more
2. I wish I could live by the beach
3. I wish I could be done with my degree yesterday
4. I wish I could know the future
5. I wish I didn't love hair extensions
6. I wish I had a personal cook
7. I wish I could live by all my family
8. I wish it would never snow anywhere

December 02, 2008

Out of the Loop

When I went down to California for Thanksgiving I found out something new about Twilight. I think everyone else knows already but I must have missed it somehow. One of my older nieces Morgan really loves Twilight. So we were talking about the movie and she mentioned a fifth book. I had heard that it got out and Stephanie Meyer was really mad but I didn't realize she actually posted this new book on her website. It is called Midnight Sun. It is Edwards point of view from the first book. I read it all the first night I found out about it. It was just as amazing as Twilight. Actually better. It isn't finished but it is good. With Edward telling the story you get to read about what everyone is thinking. I fell in love with Edward even more because of how he thinks about Bella. I encourage all to read it.

Go to this website and you will find the book.

November 30, 2008

Happy Turkey

We had so much fun this Thanksgiving. We definitely did the typical three day weekend. We ate, slept, shopped, ate, ate, slept. We went to Valencia and Garrett's entire family was there. It was so much fun!

November 27, 2008

Cyber Monday 2008 Sales & Deals Online

Hey everyone,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did. I wanted to pass this website on to all who are wanting to shop online and get the best deals. Cyber Monday is one of the best days to shop online. I like to call it the "Online Black Friday." It is next Monday, December 1st. Click on the following link

Cyber Monday to find the best deals from some of the top retailers out there.

Just thought I would pass this on. Happy Holidays everyone.

November 25, 2008

Ordinary Day

So I have this problem. My problem is that when ever I see anyone who looks familiar to me I automatically smile and say Hi. Then after I walk away and realize how I knew that person I realize that a smile and saying hi wasn't the best thing to do. This problem has gotten me into a lot of awkward situations.

So today I am at the gym doing my thing and I see someone I recognize, and naturally I say hi and smile. Then as I walked away I realized who it was. It was...

Chelsea Hightower from, So You Think You Can Dance.

I did a double take and it was her. We were doing abs by each other. She does a lot of abs. That is all I said to her because I felt stupid. Anyways, I thought that was pretty exciting for just a typical day at Golds Gym.

November 18, 2008

Date Night

Garrett was home. I say was because he is gone again for another week. We had so much fun together. You really start appreciating every second you have with each other. We started our Monday by sleeping in. Then we ran some errands, went to lunch, and just hung out. We went to the new Smith's Marketplace that just opened down the street. They had a deal where you could buy 10 cereal boxes for $10. It was pretty sweet. So basically our food storage consists of cereal. I least I'm starting it right.

Here are some pictures of our day and night last night. We went and ate at the Pie, and then went and saw the new 007 movie. Pretty sweet movie. I recommend you watch the last one so you understand this one. I forgot what happened in the last 007 movie so I was asking Garrett a million questions.

Our View

Duke Loves having a yard. He will just go out and sit in the sun.

November 09, 2008


Moving to Utah has been some what of an adventure. Already I have been in a huge snow storm that left like 4 inches of snow in my backyard, and then had to try to shovel a little spot of it so Duke could go to the bathroom. The snow was over his head and he was terrified of it.
While I am going about my everyday life running errands or just dong whatever it is I do in my days, I have been observing different things. I been creating this list in my head of the differences that I like and dislike about living here and living in California. This is my list:
1. It is nice talking on my phone in the car without using an ear piece or putting it on speaker phone. Cali has a law against talking on your actual phone without an earpiece. This law resulted in a lot of people using their speaker phone and holding then to their mouth to talk. It was a pretty funny site.
2. I love not having to base my day on the traffic.
3. I love that the only time there is traffic in Utah is if someone got pulled over, or a car is pulled off to the side of the road and everyone slows down to look at it.
3. I love seeing LDS billboards.
4. I noticed all really nice, nice cars in Utah usually have stocked rims. (not saying that is a bad thing, just on observation) Unlike Cali where the rims come first.
5. Horrible driving in both places. One place is supper fast crazy, while the other has slow stupid drivers.
6. Seeing a million church steeples not even 1 mile apart from each other.
7. Seeing gas well under $3.00

That is my list from this past two weeks.

I am working back words now. Today being Sunday I wanted to share what we use to do on Sundays. Every Sunday Garrett, Duke and I would go down to the dog beach and hang out while Duke played around. We would get on our bikes and ride down. It was so fun. Here are some of our last pictures in Huntington.

November 06, 2008

It been a long time...

I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything. I have a little more time on my hands now so hopefully I can keep up.

OK what have we been up too?

Well, We loved living in Huntington Beach. Garrett loved his job and I loved mine. We were both really busy. I worked for a Chiropractic office and helped out in the Marketing department. I learned a lot and loved everyone I worked with.

About a month ago Garrett got a new job. He started working for a company called Stores Online. So we packed up our house and left the beach to come to the freezing land of Utah. We are living in Traverse Mountain and looking around to see where we want to live. Pretty crazy month for us. I have been here now for almost two weeks. I have never been colder.

I am excited though. I love change and this is definitely a big change.

If any locals have any good ideas on where to live let me know. I go exploring all the time.

June 22, 2008

New Blog...

I know, I need a new post so bad...

My sister has developed a new blog on "everything a girl should know." It has everything from, interior design tips, fashion, skin, fitness, nutrition and more. She got together a group of professionals in each one of these field to share their insights on things. It is just fun to go on to see what is the latest on everything. Here is the link:

Someday I will post again until then you can find my crazy postings on this blog!

April 14, 2008

Girls Trip

This past week and weekend all the girls from my side of the family came out and visited me. We had so much fun. We did everything from shopping, eating, walking everywhere, and relaxing by the beach. Another highlight Jaime brought the newest member of our Randall family, Lucy. It was much fun meeting her and getting to know her. Davis was here too and was as cute as ever. It was so much fun! Thanks for coming out and visiting me. I miss you guys and can't wait to see you soon.

April 06, 2008

General Conference

As I get older, General Conference is more of an exciting time than when I was younger. As I sat here and watched conference I began thinking of memories that came into my mind about different General Conference's over the years.

1. When I was younger, Brother Johnson's Conference Cake. (I was always so excited and determined to write down my five talks, but I never really even liked the ice cream roll we would get for doing this every year!)
2. Seminary days, you had to write down summaries of a certain amount of talks.
3. All our family being together in the Roca house. Getting in trouble by our Dad when one of us fell asleep.
4. Eating our Easter candy during the entire Sunday Session.
5. In college, how peaceful Provo is this weekend. The streets are empty, everyone is inside watching.
6. The incredible Conference Center. Being in Utah, you always come across tickets. Being their in person and feeling the spirit in that building is amazing.
7. One college year, we drove back from Vegas all night and we all were so tired during Sunday session.
8. Buttermilk syrup!!!!!
9. Afternoon walks after the first session was over.
10. Receiving these messages from our Prophet and apostles, and writing down all the things I need to do to better myself and our marriage.
11. Being together as a family.

March 25, 2008

MOVING . . .

Currently our entire house is in boxes. Don't ya love moving. Everything is going very well with us. We were so blessed to find a home for our little family. I guess being pet approved isn't the most common thing down in HB. We found a nice complex with mangers that fell in love with Duke. As long as he doesn't bark. We hope he continues to be the silent dag that we told the owners he is. Ever since we decided to move, we have watched blessing, after blessing take place to help us really move down there. We are so grateful and appreciative.
Tomorrow I am going down with Garrett to paint. I am so excited to add a little homey touch. My mom always uses the phrase, "A come on in house," yes, that is what I am painting. More like a come on in apartment. I'll post pictures of our new place soon.

March 10, 2008

The Big Move

Garrett and I get to start another adventure together. Garrett recently accepted a new job. He is the advertising director in a company called Lymabean. It is a social network that he is working for, and he helps create advertising and push the sales. You can check it out on if you are interested. He has never been more excited. We are truly blessed how things in our life just fall into place. With this job, everything seemed to work out perfectly. The office is out of Huntington beach. We are so excited to move down there. He officially started today. We will officially move down there within a month. We are just waiting for someone to want to rent out our apartment or we have to wait for our contract to run out. He will commute until them. We are so lucky and blessed to become part of such an amazing family lymabean has created. All their employees are so welcoming and very close. We are so excited to join the team.

February 27, 2008

The Young Ambassadors

Last night all the Fuller's went and watched BYU's Young Ambassadors. They performed at the community college in Valencia. We all were blown away. This musical/dance was amazing. They did a showcase of songs from America. They started with the 60's and then progressed by decades with different songs. They sang everything from Karol King, to the temptations, Brooks and Dunn, A Disney Medley, and finished off with Broadway songs. They did a couple songs from Wicked. That was incredible. Then they ended with Tarzan. At the very end, after we clapped, they all came together and sang a primary song acapella, "When ever I here the song of a bird..." It was beautiful and brought such a sweet spirit to the Auditorium . We all loved every minute of it. If you ever have the opportunity to watch them take it. I promise you want be let down.