December 13, 2007

San Francisco

This past weekend Garrett and I went up and visited Dennis, Jenna, and Davis. It was so much fun. San Francisco is a beautiful city. We loved the city so much. We were the typical tourists. We started at Fisherman’s Wharf and ate some clam chowder. We saw the famous BUSH MAN, Ghirardelli Square, and Union Square. We also rode on a Trolley all around town. Thank you Jenna & Dennis for such a fun time, We look forward to you guys visiting us in January!!

December 01, 2007

American Gladiators

Does Anyone Remember This Show?

Well apparently they are trying to bring this show back on the air. Yes, yes I know the questions you have are if ICE, VIPER, or BLADE are coming back too? Nope, they have new gladiators like SIREN, WOLF, and FURY.

Tonight we went to a shooting of this show. I thought it would be completely dumb and so staged like every other show out there, but I had the best time. This show is definitely not staged. We watched the ring challenge with Girls. Girls are so mean. They were slapping, and kicking each other in the face. The Gladiator would get so mad if they didn't win. It was so funny to watch. What this show does, for example, is they film four rounds of the ring challenge so they will have that challenge for four different episodes. Then they take down the set and make a new one for a new challenge, and then film four more challengers. I learned that in the film industry there is a lot of time wasted, and just sitting around. Each take took a good 5 minutes, but all the time in between took like 20 minutes.

Also the host was the one and only: Hulk Hogan

He was awesome to watch. He messed up on every take he did. Overall, it was a very fun and interesting night. Thanks Carrie for inviting us. Look in the audience of this show when it airs, Garrett and I may be in there cheering!