February 20, 2009

Birthday Week

For some reason this year I felt like my birthday lasted a really long time. First, Garrett and I celebrated it a week early because he had to be out of town for my real birthday. He surprised me with a gateway in Salt Lake. We stayed at the Anniversary Inn. It was the sweetest hotel ever. Each room has a different theme. Example would be jungle room, Romeo and Juliet, we stayed in Treasure Island. Here are pictures from our fun night.

Breakfast in Bed...

We ate at Tocano's for dinner. Yummy!!

I have the sweetest phone ever! Thanks Hun!!!

On my birthday a me, Rachel and Emily went down to Gateway to shop and eat lunch. We stayed in one store for about 3 hours. :-) Gotta love Forever.

This was the best dessert I have ever tasted!!!

That night McCall made me a birthday dinner. It was so good. It had my favorite lemon salad, with some yummy meat. She made me the prettiest cake. Thanks McCall! That meant a lot a lot to me!!

Then my mom came into town for the weekend. So, Jaime has adult and kid dress ups. They are the coolest. This is my mom, Abbie and Lillie dressing up.