October 29, 2009

The past couple months

I was talking to Jenna today and she said, Why don't you update your blog? My response was I haven't done anything lately. I have been eating a lot of fast food, felling sick, and sleeping. The past 2 weeks I have finally felt like myself again. Looking back the past two months have been such a blur or nothing. It feels good not to be sick.

The only really fun Halloween thing we have done was go pick out our pumpkins. It was fun. We went to a pumpkin patch and attached to it was a apple orchard. So we picked some apples too. They had the best Apple Cider ever too. I bought this huge thing of it and already drank it all. I don't think Garrett even had one class. sad thing is we haven't even craved them yet. I haven't even thought about Halloween other then today. I have been online seeing what fun thing we should do. So far I have come up with nothing. Maybe we will just rent movies and eat looks of fun things. I don't know. If anyone has any ideas on what to do in Utah let me know.
Another eventful thing happened on Tuesday. We received our first snow. Yeah that's right there was snow on the ground. It was so cold I thought I was going to die from frost bite. Now the highs have been in the 40's. Winter is here...

October 15, 2009


Thank you for all the advice and congratulations. We are really excited. Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I guess I have been really busy. To start off with I went down to AZ about 2 weeks ago. I didn't take any pic so sorry. It was so fun spending time with family and friends. We just hung out and ate whatever sounded remotely good to me. It was weird because I was still so tried and so sick. I stayed home a lot and took naps.

Then, I flew home Sunday the 4th and Garrett flew home that same day. He had been gone almost 3 weeks. (That's why I took off to AZ) It was his birthday that Sunday. We were both so tired and I was so sick so we didn't to a huge thing for him. I felt bad. We went to dinner, he opened some presents. I didn't even bake him a cake. I am a bad wife. Later that week part of his birthday was Thriller tickets. That was incredible. We had so much fun. Again no pic. I brought my camera but I had forgotten to put the memory card back in it. After that, Garrett stayed home for 1 week and 1/2. It was so fun having him around. He just left yesterday and gets back Sat. So this trip isn't too long.

Another exciting event that took place is we went to our first doctors appointment. Our Doctor is really cool. Everything is normal and I got a little pic. of our little peanut. After seeing the picture it made all my sickness worth it. It made it so real now. Before I felt I was just sick and gaining weight, but now after seeing the baby and hearing the little heart beat I m OK with it. Hopefully I wont stay sick for to much longer.