June 21, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

We celebrated fathers day Garrett style. We went shopping to get him some much needed summer clothes and then of course had to surprise him with his favorite breakfast and little something from Wes. We love you Babe! Thank you for being such a great dad, husband and best friend!

To win Garrett over, homemade cinnamon rolls (I totally use Rhodes Dough, taste the same) eggs and ham, and a DP.

June 13, 2011

Preview of Wesley's 1 yr pictures. . .

more to come once I get the CD.

June 12, 2011


We spent one days with Scott, McCall, Jack & Clara. It was so fun. We were so lucky that Scott was on a break so we could have the whole family together. I have been wanting to go to the zoo so bad with Wes but in Utah it has been a little cold. So I think I was more excited then the kids to go.

to start this exciting day we met for lunch. We had this yummy greasy, delicious food called OiNKSTERS, the slow fast food. Sucha cute name huh.

Our 2 Week Road Trip: Part 1

We were heading down to California to go help Carrie, Garrett's sis who just had twins, with her babies. I did a couple nights of the feedings. I have a new found respect for moms who have twins. So anyways, As we were heading down to Cali we decide to take a minor detour and head to AZ. It was a quick detour but so nice to see the family. More on AZ later. Then we headed on to California. We had a blast just kickin it in Valencia. We haven't been back there in forever so it was really nice just to hang. We ate at all our favorite restaurants, enjoyed the fabulous weather, and just really hung out.