October 30, 2011

Fall Festivities

This October has been all about outings. We have gone to a pumpkin patches with friends, The Boo Zoo, and another zoo called Wildlife Zoo. All so fun and Wesley had a blast at all of them. Of course I didn't take the best or that many pictures but here is what we have been up to these past couple weeks.

Vertuccio Farm. A bunch of us got a Groupon passes and went. I was so excited to go because its fall and fall is so fun. Well, in AZ going to these outdoor pumpkin farms isn't the most fun. It was still like 100 degrees. we were dying of heat but all the boys had so much fun. I love hanging with all these girls. Look at all our boys playing together. They all are pregnant with another boy too. I know I missed the memo on that one but Wes will just have even more boys to play with. :)

Next up the Phoenix Boo Zoo. I went with Rachel and Parker. Wes loves Parker.

Some of our friends from Utah came down and we met up with them at the Wildlife Zoo. Their little girl Naomi and Wes aree going to get married one day. :) This Zoo is a little bit of a trek to get too, but so worth it. The animals were so close. The aquarium was pretty sweet too. Of course we didn't get a group pic, and the pictures we have are mostly of Wes, you will still get the idea of how awesome this zoo is.

Happy 30th Birthday Garrett

The most amazing husband in all the world just turned the big 3 0. Well, on October 4th he did. So it was time to celebrate. I threw him all of his "favorite things" party. All our family came. Some of his favorite things included: Chevy's salsa, grilled Carne Asada tacos, banana cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory, and my famous guacamole. :) I think its famouse because its bomb.com

The next weekend Garrett and I took off for a surprise getaway to San Francisco. It was so fun. San Francisco is the most amazing city that is full of things to do all hours of the day. We just walked everywhere, ate out every meal, tried to sleep in, and went to movies every night. Garrett celebrated his new age in style. Our hotel was gorgeous and right in Union Square. One highlight was we went to a diners, drive-ins and dives place we found. Garrett loves this show so we found a restaurant called Rocco's. It was amazing!!!! Such a hole in the wall but the best Italian food. It was so good it tasted almost light. Weird huh? Best vacation ever. My sweet Mom watched Wesley for us while we played all weekend. Thanks MOM!!!