August 11, 2007

Family Reunions

Well, summer is the time for family reunions. This summer has been filled of traveling to either Arizona or driving down south to see our family. The first reunion was in Newport. The Fullers get a couple of condos at Newport for a week. We had so much fun. We layed out at the beach, body surfed, swam in the resorts incredible pools, and just hung out and watch movies with the family. It was so fun. The following weekend was the Randall Reunion. We went to Pine Arizona, and all the Randall’s camped out in a cabin all together. It was so fun. We hung out, ate a ton of candy, thanks to my Grandpa Randall, and loved hanging out as a family.


Anderson Adventures said...

Your summer looks like it has been so fun. You look so gorgeous. That is so fun that you got to go to Sanfrancisco to see your sister. My brother Chad is out there now so I will probably go visit there a couple times too. Anyways looks like your doing great. Talk to ya later.

Wilson Family said...

It's Shana Wilson (Bawden). I have been able to find some old friends on here. You look so good! I just had my 3 year anniversary and I have a 7 month old. He is so fun. It's so fun to be able to keep in touch with old friends. Hope all continues to be great!!

abbie said...

ok kristen this is so random... my husband used to be roommmates with garrett and i recognized your blog when i came across it because of that but also because i think i recognize you from being friends with courtney sherwood..were you/are you friends with her? i'm wondering if you have her contact info! abbie mckinnon