December 05, 2008

I went on Shalayne's blog and realized she tagged me forever ago so here it is. I tag anyone who reads this tagging. (I think I can do that)

8 Things
8 TV shows-
1. Gossip Girl- Favorite by far!!
2. Prison Break
3. Samantha Who?
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. The Office
6. Fringe
7. The Soup- Funniest show ever. My favorite is when he makes fun of Britney Spears new video. Womanizer!!

8 Things I did Yesterday
1. Woke up at 8:00 by Abbie and Lillie- I sleep at their house a lot
2. Went To DI to find a sweet costume I needed for a party
3. Went to the Gym
4. Did all my homework for week
5. Went on a walk with Duke
6. Started doing my x-mas cards
7. ate dinner with Jaime and the girls
8. talked to Garrett on the phone before I went to sleep.

8 Favorite things to Eat
1. cheese crisps
2. clementines
3. salad with a this yummy lemon dressings
4. a big Steak with A1 sauce
5. sonic diet coke with vanilla
6. any Mexican food
7. egg nog
8. asparagus

8 Things I look Forward to
1. Garrett coming home from his many trips
2. Christmas in Mesa
3. being done with Christmas shopping
4. Eating
5. Sleeping
6. when gossip girl is on
7. some day buying a home
8. the month of January because Garrett is off

8 Things I wish for
1. I wish Garrett was home more
2. I wish I could live by the beach
3. I wish I could be done with my degree yesterday
4. I wish I could know the future
5. I wish I didn't love hair extensions
6. I wish I had a personal cook
7. I wish I could live by all my family
8. I wish it would never snow anywhere


elizaf said...

Hello Kristen! I hope you're doing well! I wish I didn't love hair extensions either.

Makell Wintle said...

Hey no worries girl! I won't be working tuesday but I might be able to go in and eat with you. Have a break from school from noon til three so call me! Hope you're doing well, see you next week maybe. :)

Cathy said...

So after we went on that little "date" with you guys and laughed hysterically the entire time we are basically eternally depressed that you guys left. So thanks a lot... :(

Ha ha. For real though. We are so bummed but I hope you are having fun out there and that you come back REALLY soon :) Cute blog!!!

How is little Dukey Pukey? Haha. Love that dog.

Anderson Adventures said...

It looks like you had a great thanksgiving too. I definately want to meet up tuesday for lunch so just give me a call when your down.

McCall said...

this was fun - i may just do this on my blog.

Rachel said...

Hi Kristen! I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I can't wait to see you when your down for Christmas (You better be coming down) :)

Jake and Lynn said...

I know I wish you guys lived by the beach too, because it would probably mean you loved by us. I seriously feel like you guys snuck out of town, we have to get together one of these days if we're ever in the same place. What is Garret's new job (jake never tells me anything) That stinks that he's gone a lot.
Oh and by the way I totally love Gossip girl too! Monday Nights Baby! I need Sarina to break up with that Nasty artsy dude already, and if you like him then you're nuts!
xoxo Gossip Girl

Jamie said...

Kristen, I am now planning a wedding! I was wondering who your photographer was and where you got your dress. I am getting married in Utah. Thanks! Jamie