March 25, 2008

MOVING . . .

Currently our entire house is in boxes. Don't ya love moving. Everything is going very well with us. We were so blessed to find a home for our little family. I guess being pet approved isn't the most common thing down in HB. We found a nice complex with mangers that fell in love with Duke. As long as he doesn't bark. We hope he continues to be the silent dag that we told the owners he is. Ever since we decided to move, we have watched blessing, after blessing take place to help us really move down there. We are so grateful and appreciative.
Tomorrow I am going down with Garrett to paint. I am so excited to add a little homey touch. My mom always uses the phrase, "A come on in house," yes, that is what I am painting. More like a come on in apartment. I'll post pictures of our new place soon.

March 10, 2008

The Big Move

Garrett and I get to start another adventure together. Garrett recently accepted a new job. He is the advertising director in a company called Lymabean. It is a social network that he is working for, and he helps create advertising and push the sales. You can check it out on if you are interested. He has never been more excited. We are truly blessed how things in our life just fall into place. With this job, everything seemed to work out perfectly. The office is out of Huntington beach. We are so excited to move down there. He officially started today. We will officially move down there within a month. We are just waiting for someone to want to rent out our apartment or we have to wait for our contract to run out. He will commute until them. We are so lucky and blessed to become part of such an amazing family lymabean has created. All their employees are so welcoming and very close. We are so excited to join the team.