January 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

I know two postings in the same day...

So yesterday I went into Smiths and noticed that all the Valentine Stuff was out. If you don't know this about me already, Valentines is my favorite Holiday. I love all the colors involved, candy (especially the heart shaped gobstoppers) and it happens to be two days after my birthday. I have just always loved this time of year. I was just excited and wanted to get everyone in the Valentine Spirit.


Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

I love Valentines because it makes me think of your bday! I love the candy too.

Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...

Love your loooong hair! So cute. We wish we could have gone to Carli's on New Year's to visit with everybody. When is the next time you will be down?

R Family said...

I love v-day becouse it that much closer to warm weather(done with winter)I love candy too.
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Wes, Aulani, and Landon K. said...

Hey Kristen its lani carter garetts old friend. Hey my family moved to utah and i am going to visit this week we would love to see you guys send me your number or call me if you get a minute. 916-529-3037. HOpe to see you soon.