August 14, 2009

The Joy of Running

Liz's post a couple days ago inspired me to think about what I'm grateful. She made a list but I'm just going to say the ability to run. I love running. If any of you have seen the movie, "What Women Want," that is completely how I feel about it. It is away get away from everything. No one can contact you, you are just listening to whatever music you want as loud as you want. I live by a river and I run on it almost every day. I can't even tell you how peaceful it is and how much it clears my head or just makes me feel good. You are getting skinnier, you are outside in good weather, and when you get home you feel like you can do anything that comes your way that day.

I'm not excited for the winter months ahead, because I am to much of a baby to run in the snow. So its inside treadmill time again.

I am truly grateful that I can run.


Chris and Christy said...

ahhhh. thank you for giving me that memory!! i'm guessing ur talking about the provo river??chris and i use to always run along side that river!! have you ran to the lake? its so pretty down there! we LOVED it. and now, after reading ur post, I'm a lil sad! ahhh, beautiful!

elizajoy said...

I am so grateful that I can run too. It really is such a blessing to be able to get away from daily life, exercise, and to be healthy. I got into running along the provo river at the beginning of the summer and it was my absolute FAVORITE thing. Now it's the gym treadmill... so I can swim afterwards:) Maybe I should take advantage of the beautiful warm weather before its gone!!! If I do ever move up to your neck of the woods (hopefully sooner than later) we will run this winter together!

noelle regina said...

there was a time in my life when I LOVED running - 5 miles, 11 miles, 2 miles ... lately when i start all i can think about is when it will end. right now, i tolerate running. but i LOVE that you LOVE it.