December 16, 2009

The Best Find

Last Saturday night I find these amazing pants. They are leggings but they look like jeans. Can we say perfect for all the long shirts I have been wearing. I found them at A Pea in the Pod. The other week I finally stopped trying to fit into my normal jeans. I just couldn't squeeze in them and my belly band just wasn't cutting it anymore. So, I started out on my quest to find a cute pair of maternity skinny jeans. Also, I didn't want to spend the money to get designer either. BTW, why are all maternity jeans flare at the bottom. As if your not big enough on top maybe you should balance that with a skinny instead of a huge flare. That was my biggest challenge. Maternity jeans are huge all the way down. I found this great brand called Lilac. I love them. My friend at school creates them and she has them all over the US. They fit great and have a decent price point. Then I found these dream legging pants. I have never been more excited about a pair of pants.


Brian and Jessica McCann said...

Kristen i recieved your guys christmas card today- so cute! And i'm excited for you to have a baby!

Rachel Hagen said...

I still can't believe you still fit into your normal jeans. You look amazing! Lilac has some great clothes, but I didn't see those jeans/leggings. I need them!! You've done what I've been looking for!