July 07, 2010

Top 10 things you need to know about Wesley

1. Wes is such a messy eater in the day. It takes an hour to feed him 4 oz. He is so busy looking around and smiling at the fan, and lights. He swats his bottle out his mouth, causing milk to go everywhere. He really could care less about his bottle.
2. At night he is the best eater. He will sit in the chair with me with, holding his hands together on his chest and down the entire bottle in 20 min flat. That's without a drip of formula anywhere.
3. When he is about to cry he always shows you his big bottom lip first. Its the cutest pout ever.
4. He loves sucking on his fist or his 2 middle fingers. (Just like Clara) He wont take a passy.
5. He loves to sleep with his hands over his head. (Just like mommy)
6. He has learned how to scoot. I will put him down for a nap and when I go in to get him he has scooted all the way to the top of his crib leaving his blanket behind.
7. He falls asleep anywhere.
8. His favorite position to fall asleep is on Moms shoulder with his arm around my neck. I love it. This is my "go to" position if he wont stop crying. It works every time.
9. His eyelids turn red when he is ready for his nap.
10. He is starting to notice his toys. We can get him to smile, kick his feet and move his hands all around when he sees his bugs. He gets so excited.

I love this little guy.


corrine said...

oh my gosh kristen he is SO CUTE!! i cannot believe i havent come to see him yet. i am terrible. let's plan something SOON. maybe you guys could use a sunday dinner?

Rachel Hagen said...

Little Wesley is too cute! He's the perfect combination of both of you. Sam only takes is passy when he feels like it...these boys. go figure.

Michelle said...

ADORABLE! Such a cute lil' man you got there!

kent and liz said...

Kristen, he is getting so big! I need to come visit.

Birchall Family said...

Kristen, he is SO dang CUTE! Oh my! What a little stud you two have. He is already so big...I really need to see him!

R Family said...

I can't wait to see this little guy tomorrow!!!! The girls are super excited to meet their newest cousin.