November 02, 2010

Halloween Weekend Wrap up

 On Friday We went to the famous Zagg Halloween party. OK, so clearly we are the Spartan Cheerleaders from SNL right? (If you have read this last sentence and not understand what we are please go look it up) The reason I say that is a lot of people just thought we were random cheerleaders. I felt so old...
The best part is they had a costume contest, and guess who won? My little monster. He won that gigantic horse. I have no idea where to put it in my house but I was so proud.

 Then came Halloween Day. I have been dreading this day. I signed up for a 1/2 Marathon when I was ready to get back into shape after having Wes back in August. I have been training but didn't know if I really wanted to run it. Well, with some motivation from friends and family I did it. I can finally cross this goal off my list. Pretty sure I never want to do a Marathon again.

Then on Halloween we had a little get together with some friends. This is the only picture from that night. What a cute couple huh?

We had a great Halloween. I hope you all did as well. Now its off to AZ for a couple weeks.


Camille said...

What an inspiration you are, running a 1/2 marathon!!! You go girl!!! And your little guy is JUST adorable, and HUGE!!!! He sure is growing fast!!!

McCall said...

OH MY, i totally forgot about the half! i am so proud of you, that is awesome! did you cry? i know i would/will IF i ever do one. congrats on doing it! that is awesome.

i love wes in his costume, and glad to hear he won the contest - that boy deserves it! and he will love that horse as he gets older!

see you next week!

Beach Mommy said...

Fabulous job on the run!! You'll have to do one again someday when you don't feel so rushed! Shoot with a 2:20, you'll do amazing if you actually have a couple months to train!! You rock!

Life at Home said...

Love your blog! Our boys are a month apart. So awesome you are running a marathon already!