January 20, 2011


This year for Christmas we mixed it u p a bit. My mom came out to Utah. It just kinda worked out that all the siblings couldn't get together at the same time so I my mom decided to just come up to Utah and spend it with us. We were so excited. This was the first time ever, that I have just stayed put and didn't travel anywhere. I did miss my siblings so much and wished we could be all together though.
When my mom got up here I wanted to do all the Christmas activities Utah has to offer. We went and saw the Temple lights, We drove through Thanksgiving point at their light show, we went up to Park city to the outlets, and had a fun time being lazy in our pj's and eating a ton of food.

Christmas Eve night we spent it with Kaycee and Tyler and their extended family on the Allred side. This was great because it was so fun to see all the little ones acting out the nativity scene, we got to hang out with family, and eat a huge traditional Christmas Dinner.

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