May 09, 2011

Garrett in Vegas

So one morning Garrett's hair was a little slicked back. So he went with. This is his hair on the way to the mall. He did it as a joke and to see what his family would say. No one said anything. They kinda looked at him weird and just moved on. They were way to nice to tell him how ugly his hair looked. Then Carrie saw it and was honest with him. after Carrie broke the ice everyone was like oh good that was a joke, hahahaha

Then when we were in AZ. He wanted to try it again. To see who would say something. The second we saw Jaime she made fun of him. He felt like his joke was funny once again.


McCall said...

That is really funny... of course Garrett would do something like that. But the best is that his family (minus Carrie) were all to nice to say something. Ha ha.

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

that's funny. I love that Jaime called him out. fun posts. miss you guys tons. I miss garrett singing everything. Davis picked up a new thing. :)

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