January 20, 2011


So I finally updated my blog. I am up to date on everything. Its sad because this year I really only made 1 New years Resolution. It was to be more organized with my pictures. I haven't even thought about any update until now January 20th. Maybe Ill just start over in February with the goal thing. This year should be a pretty great one. Already so much is changing. We just found out today we are moving. I know the we are moving AGAIN. We have moved 5 times in Less then 4 years. I guess we like change. Anyways, we are moving and need to be out of this place by the 1st of February. So the next 2 weeks are going to be crazy. Also, Garrett is changing up his job. He is just going to work from home now. Hopefully we wont kill each other. Come February (my favorite month of year) everything should slow down, and we are just getting use to our new routine.

An update for Wes, this week he is learning to copy me. I put my hands above my head and so "SO BIG" then he does it. He doesn't talk but he does the actions. Here is my little boy:

Oh one more thing. all the videos of Wes are on HERE This is where I just send all my videos for now so I can keep track of them all. Enjoy.
Baby Showers

This month so far has been the month for baby showers. Jolynn, Annie and myself threw one for our friend Emily at the beginning of the month, and then we had a surprise one for Shea last week.

Take a look at the adorable Elephants. I going to brag a bit and tell you that I made those cute things out of diapers, and socks. So sticking cute huh.

This year for Christmas we mixed it u p a bit. My mom came out to Utah. It just kinda worked out that all the siblings couldn't get together at the same time so I my mom decided to just come up to Utah and spend it with us. We were so excited. This was the first time ever, that I have just stayed put and didn't travel anywhere. I did miss my siblings so much and wished we could be all together though.
When my mom got up here I wanted to do all the Christmas activities Utah has to offer. We went and saw the Temple lights, We drove through Thanksgiving point at their light show, we went up to Park city to the outlets, and had a fun time being lazy in our pj's and eating a ton of food.

Christmas Eve night we spent it with Kaycee and Tyler and their extended family on the Allred side. This was great because it was so fun to see all the little ones acting out the nativity scene, we got to hang out with family, and eat a huge traditional Christmas Dinner.
December Update
The month of December, we did a lot of fun things, and Wes did a lot of firsts. To begin, I could spike Wesley's hair now. This is fun because now I have to do his hair in the morning. He also can sit in a shopping cart all by himself. That was huge. Now I don't have to lug around the car seat all day. Huge milestone for me. He also really discovered the TV. He will just look up at it and watch it forever. He now can pull himself up so he is standing. When Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on he will start to dance. So cute. Maybe he will busting gout the windmill sooner then we all think. :) Its pretty cute until I realise how close he is to that TV and try to get him off. Another funny time, I walked in to get Wes from a nap and found him standing. I was so scared when I opened the door. He was happy but then he started to cry because I ran out to grab my camera.
We also did a lot of Christmas activities. We went to a fun gingerbread house contest with our play group. We went to a live Nativity Scene. This was amazing! You will see form the pictures Garrett is next to a goat, and I tried to take a picture of the camels. It was the coolest thing. I have never seen a real camel before. They are gigantic. Wes saw snow for the first time. It was so cute, he always tries to grab it. Lastly, the month of December I was obsessed with making homemade oreos with candy cane. i made like hundred different batches.

Family Pictures

Here are some of our Family pictures we took back in November. I haven't posted them because I was using it for our Christmas card this year. Kimber did yet another amazing job. Thank you again. This is Wesley at 6 months old.