August 26, 2010


We had the best trip to Maui. We stayed in Lahaina. It was beautiful. Everyday we would find a different beach to go to and snorkel at. We were on a quest to find waves to buggy board on or to surf but couldn't really find any. I guess it is the off season. I loved this because we really got to see a lot of Hawaii.

Thank you Devin and April for inviting us to go with you. We had sucha blast!!! You have such sweet little boys. Gavin (aka my little buddy who never left my side) I miss you already, and Drew,can't wait for you and Wes to meet up and to play together soon.

Kaanapali Beach

Black Rock beach. We look good being parents of twins. BUT I'm grateful that were not.

We swam with these guys everyday.

I found this funny because everyone was just swimming around at this beach.

We loved our daily snow cone fix. We couldn't get enough of them especially with the ice cream at the bottom.

This was at our resort beach. The babies did so good and just chilled on the beach with us.

Devin and Garrett getting their snorkel on.

Garrett really didn't want to burn. :)

One night we went to a Luau. It was really cool to see. Gavin and I trying to do the hula.

April and I got these bottomless Pina Coladas. They were delicious.

Here is the BIG beach. So, we meant some locals at a taco stand one day and they told us to go see Big Beach and Little beach. These beaches were located on the other side of the Island in Wailea. So of course we went and come to find out the big beach was pretty sweet. It actually had big waves, but they broke to close to shore to really do anything with them. BUT the small beach is and "ADULT" beach. I wonder if those locals were sending us their on purpose. :)

This is where all our morning feedings took place.

Heading back home to reality.

Road To Hana

Garrett and I did this towards the end of our trip. We kept getting mixed reviews on whether to go or not to go. We decided to go because we needed a break from the sun, and Wes could actually take naps. Cars always put our little guy to sleep. So we ventured out at 6 am to start our road trip around the Island. It was amazing.

Bought some famous Banana Bread.

3 Bears Water fall

Nua'alua Bay.

Wes is so happy being in the car and getting all his sleep in.

The climax, Hana. 6th most famous beach in the US.

So after we reached Hana, most people turn around and head back. We didn't know this small detail and kept going on the loop around the Island. Can I just say not all parts of Hawaii are pretty. We entered their desert terrain and saw wild goats, pigs and drove on the worst road possible. It sucked.
Now that I have done the ENTIRE road to Hana, I definitely recommend doing it but turning around at Hana and go back the way you came. :)

Seattle Washington

About 2 weeks ago Garrett, Wes and myself left for our last vacation of the summer. We were off to Maui. We first flew into Seattle to pick up The Jolley family. We had a day to kill in Seattle so we went sight seeing.

Garrett was so nice and let Wes and I have his upgrade. I got some nasty looks at first from the other 1st class goers, but once they saw how amazing Wes was they all warmed up to us and started helping out.

Best friends in the making. Their Dads have been best friends since Kindergarten. Lets see if Drew and Wes can top that; Both 3 months old.

Seattle has flowers everywhere. These bouquets were only $5.

This place was CRAZY


McCall said...

what a fun trip! and a great way to end the summer! you have been on one big vacation all summer long - lucky for you wes is an awesome baby so it makes traveling pretty easy!

*oh and i am still jealous that you were actually in hawaii even more so because i didn't even know you were going. totally, not fair. :(

Unknown said...

looks like you guys had so much fun! you are such a cute mom, i can't wait to hang out soon!

Kurt and Carli said...

That looks like so much fun Kris! I want to meet Wes so bad!! I'm going to have to take a road trip to see you once this baby is born. Miss you!

brentanderrin said...

yeah!!! we are going there in a couple months and i cant wait! i never heard about the banana bread... but we will make sure to stop... thanks for making even more excited than i already was! dont you LOVE hawaii! so relaxing!

Michelle said...

Wow! What a fun and busy summer you guys have had! And Wes, he is way too darn ADORABLE! I want to kiss his lil' cheeks! Such a sweetie!

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

Fun trip Kristen. Sorry the road to Hana was so bad. I should have warned you about going all the way around the island. oops.

I love swimming with the turtles. It just looks so relaxing. I need to go!SO glad Wes is such a good baby. Only a couple more weeks and you will be in NY!

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

those bottomless pina coladas look so good.

ps. me and mom have those flip flops!

Rachel Hagen said...

Looks like a great trip!!That's so nice Wes is good throughout the flights. We have a twelve hour one coming up. Lets hope Sam is just as good. PS. We'll be in Utah at the end of Sept. I'd love to meet Wes and see you. I'll shoot you an email once it gets closer.