August 09, 2010

Newport Beach

The day after the blessing all the Fuller Family left for our annual Newport Beach trip. This is a week of swimming, beaching, eating, playing, laughing, shopping, etc. we had a blast. This was the 3rd little vacation now and Garrett and I were getting much more brave. We actually would let him chill in his little tent and bumbo on the beach. We weren't so paranoid. He would be out with us up at the pool, shopping, you name it, he was right there. I think I just had to let the whole schedule thing out the door. Once I did that I had a much more enjoyable vacation. I actually got in the ocean. Garrett was so proud.

I just love my little boy so much. On our way home from Cali we stopped my our friends house in St. George. Thanks Juan and Shalee for letting us stay with you. Thanks to Juan's mom who taught us the authentic way to make enchiladas. They were delicious.

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Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...

I love all the new pictures. I also love that you never forgot your photography roots from Kiddie Kandids! haha. I cannot believe how much of a Garrett mini-me Wesley is! He looks like such a happy sweet baby!