January 01, 2012

December Break

After I finished finals we could all now focus on Christmas. Yes me going back to school is a family affair. So with that, we started making a list of all the stuff we wanted to do before heading down to California to spend Christmas with the Fuller Family. We did almost everything we wanted to do.

We got to have all the girls spend the night so we made a village.

To finish the night off we watched a movie. Wes lasted until the popcorn was all done.

The Zoo

I know going to The Zoo Lights is a fun tradition to do around Christmas time, but I don't really get it. You don't even see animals, and you pay to walk around and look at lights of animals. So, we just went to the zoo in the morning and got to see both. We saw all the outlines of all the lights, and we got to actually see the real animals too. Perfect best of both worlds. We went with the Peterson. Our two little guys were in heaven.

Temple Lights

Christmas Party

All of us were spending Christmas out of state so before we all left we did a little Christmas Party. We ate lots of yummy food, played the famous white elephant game, and acted out the Nativity.

Wes was not a happy Shepard. 

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