July 28, 2009

Girls Weekend

As you could tell from my last post Rachel and Parker came to visit me this past weekend. It was perfect timing because Garrett was out traveling for work so we had a little girls weekend.

Our First night I took Rachel to mine a Garrett's favorite Mexican restaurant. Its called La Costa. If you live in Utah you have to try this place. Its in Sandy. Oh my gosh its the best!! We actually hit this up twice it was so good. :-)

Next day we went down to SL to eat and show up at the, "So you think you can dance" try outs. No we did not try out, we just hung around hoping to see something cool. And we did...


Yes we met Randi and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn wasn't in our pic. She saw her sister and ran over to see how she did while we were posing with Randi.

So later that day we went to Gateway to walk around. Do our headbands look familiar? We went into Forever and saw the same headband Randi was wearing. So we both bought one. I know we are big dorks!!!

We also went on lots of walks. This picture is in my dream neighborhood, Daybreak. It is gorgeous. Parker was sucha trooper through anything we did. Can I just say, Parker is the best baby I have ever met. He never cried. He would go down for bed like 8 or 9 ish, and wake up at 8:30. He was such a little dream baby.

Who could say no to that face? Look how cute he is.

We walked around Temple square. It was so pretty with all the flowers. I really have only gone when the Christmas lights are up. So it was so nice walking around and not being ice cold.

Duke is a little lover. Any chance he got he would lick Parker's face.
We had such a fun time. Thanks Rachel and Parker for coming and visiting me. I love you both.

July 23, 2009

I Love Visitors

Yay, Rachel and Parker are here. They flew in last night and are spending the rest of the week with me. Here is us posing on our first day of kindergarten. Weren't we so cute...

July 20, 2009

Randall Family Reunion

So every 2 years the entire Randall Family get together for a reunion. This year the location was in Saratoga Springs, Utah. It was nice for us because it was about a 10 min. drive to get there. We did a lot of fun things, and just had fun spending time with one another and catching up. Here are some of the highlights...

We started by doing a little sight seeing. We went to "This is the place Monument." It was a beautiful view of the Salt Lake City Valley and the Great Salt Lake.

Garrett was so sick of pics. by this point, this is the only pose he would do.

There is so much history with our church here in Utah. I feel bad that I haven't taken advantage of it and have learned more. I am grateful for the pioneers and for their huge sacrifice they made. (There is my 2 cents about pioneers for the night)

Izzy and Marissa always were posing so I could take their picture. Isn't Izzy such a little Julie.

Oh, Lucy in Box. At least she is so happy in that box.

My Aunt Julie and her whole family were there. I haven't seen her for like 6 years. It was fun seeing her and getting to know all her kids.

Grandpa Randall with Clara.

Zack loved making Bruno pose. . .

Lauren and Mckay all grown up.

Taylor, Ashley and Paisley. Last Sunday they blessed Paisley, so the whole family could be there. She is so cute.

Katie and Hailey.

We went to Scott and McCall's pool for a family swim day.

Jake, Izzy, Marissa, and Lucas

Abbie & Hailey

We also went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, open house. This temple is so gorgeous inside. It is tall and skinny so there is alot of stairs on either side. It was fun going with all the kids and seeing their reaction to everything.

This isn't really part of the reunion, but it happened the night before. So Duke likes to dig through or trash when we aren't home. We thought we were smart and put child locks on our garbage but I guess we put them on wrong because he still got in. In the trash I had just thrown out some old meat. Yeah, Duke eat the old gross meat. He obviously got sick. That day he was sick and kept throwing up. We just thought he needed to get it out of his system and he will be fine. Well he kept throwing up all day and night. So at 1 am we took him to the vet. So, $200 later they gave him a little shot and sent us on or way. Why do dogs cost that much? Anyways, we had to watch him the rest of the night so we decided to order pizza at about 2 am and chow down.

Sick Duke.

July 07, 2009

The Bees Game

This past Monday night Garrett and I finally went to a Utah Bees game. That is one thing I have been missing since moving from Cali. We would go to Dodger and Angel games all the time. We tried going to a Bees game a couple weeks ago with Mick and Rachel but it was so crowed. We thought for a AAA game it wasn't worth standing in all the lines. This time we came prepared, we had tickets!! So we went with one of my friends Liz from school. We stopped at walmart and got a ton of candy to eat, and we were on our way. When I told Garrett I had gotten tickets he was excited because a player on the other team grew up with Garrett in Valencia. They played football together in high school and then he switched and is now playing baseball. Small world eh.

My friend Liz.

Garrett's claim to fame high school buddy, Jerry Owens.

July 05, 2009

Happy 4th July

These past two weeks have been so much fun. The first week my sister and Davis came into town and stayed with me. Then my mom came mid-week. They all left last Sunday and then after that all of Garrett's family came into town. I am working backwards because I didn't really take to many pics while Jenna was here. I'm waiting for her to email them to me and then I post all about Jenna's visit.

So the fourth...

We went up to Heber where Garrett's Aunt lives. They have a pond in their community so we all went down and fished.

Garrett caught a fish. He also has the patience required to do so.

Me on the to her hand...
I was excited at the begining. Didn't catch anything.

Was getting a little bored so I had a seat. Then after about 15 min. of being out there I was over it.

The nieces and nephews lasted about 2 min until they started jumping in the pond and swimming around.

We also went up to Kamas. I know where the heck is Kamas? It is about 20 min. above or to the side of Heber. They have this indoor water park. The water was about 85 degrees. It was like swimming in bath water. They had a huge slide, diving boards, and a lazy river. It was so much fun.

Tyler, Kacee , and Peyton in the lazy river.

Maycee coming down the slide.

Us girls before going down the side.

Every time I would say "cheese" to Brook this is the face she would make.

The morning of the 4th we went down to Provo and watched the parade. We met up with Halladay family. They have a house on center street and have a tradition of bringing about 40 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts and watching the parade. So we ate donuts all morning and watched the parade. Its sad because in all my years of living in Provo I have never once went to the parade on the 4th. It is a big deal down in Provo. I have never seen so many people on center street.

We did our own fireworks in Heber and them when it got later we watched the Heber show from the house.

Yes we have matching shirts. If anyone knows me they would expect something like this. I have this weird thing were I feel like every holiday you should get a new shirt.

I hope everyone had a Happy Fourth!!