June 22, 2010

Summer Fun

well, our summer has started out with a bang. This past week and weekend was so much fun. we had Shalayne and Clayton visit us, we threw a birthday party/going away party for one of my best est friends, and celebrated Father's day with more family and friends. Scott and McCall came over and we had a Father's Day dinner. we had such a fun and exciting weekend. Wes was a champ through the whole thing. He even dropped one of his feedings at night. I'm loving life now. I only have to wake up once a night now. Whoo Hoo!!!

Here are some pics:

I love these little girls!

Here is Shealee and her hubby Juan. They are leaving us and moving down to St. George. I'm so sad. At least we travel through a lot when heading down to AZ, or to Cali. We will miss you guys!!!

Wes, discovered the little bugs above him at the party on his bouncer. He has never cared about them before. He was so happy and excited that he could see the them.

The party was so fun. I wish now I had more pictures of it. Oh well.

Wesley got to meet Shalayne and Clayton. Thanks for staying with us guys. we will take you anytime. :)

Here is a picture of all my boys. Duke is so funny with the baby. He has to be a close as possible to Wes at all times. Its so cute.

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Unknown said...

He looks like daddy! Adorable!